Best Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Cases

So, finally the S6 and the S6 edge are here bringing with them a whole bevy of brand new features along with better looks. While the S6 is good, the S6 edge is great and has us lost along its curves and edges. The S6 phones not only look sophisticated but also feel so while one look at the spec sheet is enough to exhibit the reasons behind Samsung’s continued dominance in the smartphone market in spite of the plastic models that the S series spawned. The phones both posses an aluminium alloy frame along with a Gorilla glass 4 protection and exhibit a noticeable spike in the display, which now boasts a resolution of 2560 x 1440. Samsung has also done all its fans a great favor and finally lost the plastic in favor of a metal/glass combination and the removable battery in favor of a non-removable but longer lasting one.

The S6 somehow reminds one of the iPhone series, in fact we would have been happier had the resemblance been a bit less pronounced. Be that as may, the S6 — which again shows the South Korean company’s preference for that pill shape but with straighter sides — is still quite classy and exhibits several attributes peculiar to the S series. The screen remains just on the wrong side of being called a tablet with a size of 5.1 inches. Overall, there are a whole bunch of tangible improvements over the previous S5 such as wireless charging.

The S6 edge, which acquired a certain celebrity status way before being launched — overshadowing its non-curved cousin in the process — is a perfect treat. Similar in specs but ahead in looks, the S6 Edge runs an Exynos processor and boasts of a 16/5 Mp rear/front camera combination identical to the S6. However, the screens here are way more rounded and the curve on the S6 Edge serves other useful purposes besides looking really cool — such as displaying notifications and time.


While all this is well and good, certain attributes are being considered as potential troublemakers. Take the glass back for example. While it does mean that Samsung’s new flagships look cooler, and even though the company has employed Gorilla Glass 4, still dropping the phones on the floor is not advisable. The curved glass display on the Edge while certainly very cute, merely serves to accentuate the need to get a phone cover as soon as possible and we at The Android Soul have decided to bring to you some of these. Take a look.


Resilient – by Spigen
Priced at $ 11.99 at Amazon

This Ultra rugged case from Spigen is available for pre order at Amazon with shipping expected to start in the first week of April. It combines a tough and durable design with a sleek and form fitting shape.

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Air Cushion – by Spigen
Priced at $ 18.99 at Amazon


Combining security with style, this case employs air cushion technology at the corners offering top of the class protection from drops and falls. The flexible edge is available in several different color options.

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Thor – by Verus
Priced at $ 18.99 at Amazon

Meant for those who want some extra care and protection for their precious S6 Edge, the Thor, Rubberized slim fit cover offers protection against heavy duty drops with a comfortable and natural grip. Coming with Extra padded corners, the case is very good at absorbing shocks, thus perfect for those who keep dropping their phones.

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Curved Bumper – by Spigen
Priced at $ 25.99 at Amazon

A Combination of TPU and Polycarbonate for drop and scratch protection, the case comes with a curved bumper designed specifically for the S6 Edge’s side glass display panel. Again, the corners are air cushioned for better shock absorption. The product is available for pre-order at Amazon.

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Perfect Fit – by Spigen
Priced at $ 10.99 at Amazon

The thin fit Gun-metal version is fingerprint resistant and light on the pockets. The case is available for pre-order and will be shipped in four different colors.

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With card slots – by Verus
Priced at $ 24.99 at Amazon

Custom made for the S6 Edge, the t
ough yet Slim, form Fitting Hardshell Construction with Soft Core comes with a storage to store your Credit/Debit/Identity cards safely by your side. The case which will be available from the 27th of march, comes in 9 color options.

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Ringke Fusion – by Rearth
Priced at $ 10.99 at Amazon

Coming with an advanced dust protection to keep off those tiny dust particles, the world’s thinnest, clearest and hardest cover offers an all around protection while you flaunt your device.

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Clear Drop Protection – by Verus
Priced at $ 10.99 at Amazon


Coming with a low profile and minimilastic design, the see through hard shell offers protection with grace, along with full access to third party accessories and is available in 8 different color options.

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