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12 Best offline multiplayer games for Android

The Google Play Store is packed with more games than you can be bothered playing in a whole year. While the AR games are yet to make it to Android, you still have plenty of regular games already — from unlimited runner to high-graphics games that give even consoles a run for their money, gaming on mobile devices has come a long way.

But what makes mobile gaming a whole lot more fun is the social aspect of it, which is why multiplayer games are all the rage. But what about those times when your buddies are with you and you don’t have a decent internet connection to play online?

Finding a good multiplayer game to play offline isn’t as easy as checking out online multiplayer games since we’re sure you and your buddies might not have all day to sit and pick out a game to play. We’ve sifted through the Google Play Store to bring you the best offline multiplayer games for Android right below.


1. BombSquad

Why play alone in a corner when you can gang up with 8 players connected on a local or networked connection to enjoy some explosive action? BombSquad is a beautifully designed adventure game with ragdoll physics to play all sorts of sports ranging from capture-the-flag to even hockey!

You can put yourself against your fellow players or join the team to defeat the computer team in a range of mini-games. You can create your own avatar, place them in a race or even play football, all the while trying to blow up other players with the random bombs that pop up on the map.

2. Crossy Road

Finally giving meaning to the question “why the chicken crossed the road?”, Crossy Road is among the most popular games across multiple platforms. The entire premise of this game is helping your cute pixelated character cross the busy streets, rivers, and even train tracks without being hit.

The 3D retro-style design is too cool to ignore, but what makes the game so addictive is the intuitive controls to move your character across. With more than 150 incredible characters to unlock and play with, you and your gaming companion can enjoy endless hours of fun on Crossy Road without an active internet connection.

3. Glow Hockey 2

Remember the good old days when the best spot to hang out with your friends was the local arcade’s air hockey table? You may have outgrown it, but Glow Hockey 2 brings the same exhilarating fun to the table, and you’ll always be asking for one more game.

The multiplayer mode can be played on two separate devices or even on a single one (ideal on tablets), with different color themes and a smooth gameplay that is almost as good as the real deal.

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4. Minecraft

This is a no-brainer for any Minecraft fan to enjoy the art of building a pixelated virtual world on a mobile device. But what makes this massive and ultimately limitless open-world game so good is the fact that you can enjoy the block-building mayhem with your buddies with the offline gameplay support.

With interconnectivity support across the desktop and mobile platform, you can start breaking those trees down with your bare hands to create your cabin for the night. From crafting weapons for hunting and protection, to building a massive empire with the help your friends, Minecraft is an entire virtual experience.

5. DUAL!

Games like Tetris have shown that you don’t need high-lying graphics to have a good time, and DUAL! has been created along the same lines. Built solely for social players who want to enjoy an offline local gaming experience, your job is to shoot the ball from your phone screen to your opponents and defend your turf.

One of the very few free games that don’t bombard you with ads, this game needs you to tilt your phone to dodge bullets and shoot your friends on the other screen. But it’s not just you against them, you also have to work together on both the device screens to defend yourselves against other attackers.

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One game title that’ll find often among the best multiplayer games of all time, BADLAND is a side-scrolling action game that is set in a world of itself. Your job is to control one of the creatures that inhibit a mystical land and guide it through different scenarios that include obstacles and traps of all kinds.

With multiplayer as well and cooperative modes to enjoy your gameplay, you can tag up to 4 players to go on an adventure of 20+ levels. Apart from these, you can even create your very own levels and challenge your friends in real-time to compete with you against the clock.

7. Asphalt 8: Airborne

Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping through your veins like some blazing fast racing action that Asphalt 8: Airborne brings. One of the most graphics-intensive racing games ever created by Gameloft, you get an armada of 190 high-octane cars and bikes to choose from and take on the roads of Venice, Iceland, Nevada and more.

What makes Asphalt 8: Airborne even better is the social element of enjoying these intense races with up to 8 players in a single race. From taking on the toughest terrains, escaping the law and competing to win some exclusive championship trophies, you’ll never need another racing game again.

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8. Bounden

Multiplayer games don’t always have to be about competing or killing the other person’s character, especially when you’re looking to play with your significant other. Bounden is a perfect example of this, as this offline multiplayer game takes the fun of Twister and adds to the harmony of Ballet.

The phone acts as your guide to make the moves, take those swirls, and sometimes even tangle with your partner as you both hold on to the phone. Choreographed by Ernst Meisner of the Ditch National Ballet and music by Bart Delissen, these 8 dances with Bounden will make even the most boring times special.

9. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Before PUBG took over the smartphone gaming scene, this super cool shooting game was all the craze, especially with college goers. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia lets you play with your group of friends over a local hotspot so you don’t need the internet to have a quick game.

You could have a shootout between 12 players over the local hotspot while trying to get better weapons than your enemies. The best part is that there’s a bazooka too in the game to blow up your opponents to pieces. Once you start playing the game with your friends, we’re sure no one would stop before an hour or two.

10. Badminton League

Most of us have played badminton at least once in our lives. Badminton League brings the same competitive sport to your smartphone with great in-game physics. The controls top are easy to get the hang off and master within no time.

You could play against your friends over a local hotspot in a cool 1 v 1 gaming mode. The game is pretty enjoyable and addictive since the graphics are good as well. You could also buy cool rackets and outfits as well.

11. Tanks Battle – Wi-Fi

Now here’s a game that you might have not come across at all, however, it’s worth checking out. The cartoon-ish graphics add to the fun nature of the game. You could set up a local hotspot and enter a 1 v 1 tank battle with a friend.

The game is super simple and even the control are easy to figure out. Try and dodge incoming attacks while dishing out damage to the opponent. You need to win 3 rounds to win the game. That’s it! It seems too basic yet is quite addictive when you get down to play the game.

12. Mini Motor Racing

Now here’s a game for all the racing fans to have a go at. Mini Motor Racing lets you go head to head with up to 4 players over Wi-Fi and over 50 tracks to choose from. You can also pick and choose between 20+ tiny cars such as the Big Rig or the Hot Rod.

The game is paid, however, if you’ve got a few bucks to spare and love competitive racing games, then purchasing Mini Motor Racing would be absolutely worth it.

Which is your favorite offline multiplayer game from Android, and is there one that we need to add to this list? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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