Best cases for the LG K30

Last summer, LG unveiled its mid-range smartphone, the K30. Standing tall at 5.3″, it has an LCD capacitive touchscreen, the Snapdragon 425 processor and up to 2GB of RAM. This isn’t a flagship competitor but it’s a good phone with a decent price tag, around 200$.

With most phones nowadays, there are a lot of accidents. The screen having hairline cracks, the body showing signs of gravity’s cruel pull and just overall wear and tear. One must protect their phones, and one must also look good while doing so. To help you on this aspect, below is a list of the best cases, leather, clear etc, for the LG K30.


Slim Cases

Zizo Ion Slim Series Case

This case, while being slim and discreet is perfect for you to express your style while keeping your phone safe from harm. The bumper provides a near perfect anti-slip surface. Engineered to serve a low profile, and is extremely reliable in terms of protection.

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Casewill Shockproof bumper cover

Caseswill offers a variety of cases for your liking, especially this Slim case that doesn’t feel bulky in your hands. If you really like your phone’s looks and don’t want any graphics/colors on it. This is the case for you.

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MYBAT Flexible Silicone Cover

This all-black case manufactured by MYBAT keeps your phone looking elegant and classy in those conference meetings. No extra designs, this case is available only in black and is made from silicone.

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Rugged Cases

COVRWARE Aegis Series Case with Full Body Protection

Wanna go all out and protect your phone like a tank, COVRWARE has the solution for you. This cover has been known to stop a bullet, that’s not entirely true but it is hard as nails. So go ahead, drop your phone on that trek or that run, this cover will literally, cover for you. Available in a plethora of different colors.

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TJS Belt clip holster hybrid shock absorbing resist case

Are you clumsy? Do you have butterfingers? Are you tired of shelling out money for getting your screen replaced every couple of months? Boy do we have the perfect cover for you, TJS protects your phone while making you look less like a person who drops it all the time. And even if you do, I doubt the heavy duty shell will let anything happen to your precious device. Available in black and black, blue and black, and black and red.

Buy on Amazon (8.99$)

Leather Cases

PU Leather case cover

All in one type of person? Don’t like carrying that extra pesky wallet or purse? PU has come out with a case, so classy that all your friends at the book club will be jealous of. Store all your ID’s without a hassle and impress that bouncer too when you whip out your License at that new posh club. Available in Gold, Pink, and the above, Black.

Buy on Amazon (10.99$)

J&D Heavy Duty Leather Case

This Leather case adds a little color into your life and also makes it a lot easier by letting you carry all your essentials in one simple package. It has a wrist strap that makes it easier for you to carry your phone and a shock-absorbent rubberized TPU snap on for drop protection. Available in Blue, Black, and Pink.

Buy on Amazon (9.95$)

Standout cases

PU Designer Leather Wallet Case

You wanna stand out in the crowd? Be the unique butterfly in a sea of boring moths? Then this is the case for you. PU brings out an all leather case with a twist of color. Having slots for all your essentials, including pictures of your loved ones. Comes with a built-in kickstand for that easy movie viewing. Available in a variety of color schemes.

Buy on Amazon (9.98$)

NageBee Flowing Case

NageBee’s glitter cover brings out that cheerful rainbow in you. This cover is both exciting to look at and the glitter moves around! They guarantee a leak free and worry-free design that lets you go about your day without having to clean yourself from the glitter. They have a whole bunch of colors, so go check it out.

Buy on Amazon (8.98$)

LEEGU Dual layer heavy duty case

This cool case by LEEGU, comes with a message. But if you’re looking to not send a passive aggressive threat to anyone who looks at your phone, then they also have a variety of designs available. The shock absorbing cover is built personally for you.

Buy on Amazon (7.99$)

What’s your pick for the best LG K30 cases? Share with us in your comments below.