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7 Best Keyboard apps for Android that every texting addict needs

Only the old-timers among us remember the struggle it used to be to send out text messages on the Numpad style keyboard. Everything changed when Blackberry popularized the QWERTY-style keyboard decades ago, and while the trend has gone from being physical to virtual, our craze over keyboard hasn’t faded one bit.

Today, Android keyboards do a lot more than just help you whip up texts in an instant, all thanks to interactive messaging elements such as Emojis, GIFs and so much more. While your stock keyboard may be fitting, there’s a whole lot more you can get if you choose to trade it in for some of the best offerings on the Google Play Store. We’ve compiled a list of the latest and greatest keyboard apps for Android to satiate the texting addict in you.

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1. Gboard – the Google keyboard

There is a reason why the Gboard keyboard is the top of the list: Because this is the best one, hands-off. After all, we do keep coming back to Google’s keyboard offering. This ingenious keyboard from Google is a one-stop solution to your texting woes, packing almost every feature there is on the list. It has all the necessary features and customization you want, but only that, which helps a lot as it provides you a clutter-free experience. And it’s super-smart with Auto-correction and all — something that can be best experienced than reading.

Google has adopted the swipe typing gestures, comes packed with more languages than most keyboard apps can possibly hope to offer, and all the interactive texting elements such as GIF support and Emoji search built right in. However, points, where Gboard blows the competition out of the water, is built-in Search and share, Google Translate integration and Google voice typing that is unmatched.

2. SwiftKey Keyboard

A keyboard app development brand has to be something truly special if it ends up being bought by Microsoft for millions, and SwiftKey definitely is. Starting off with a feature that even Google is rivaled by, SwiftKey keyboard comes with personal predictions and unmatched AI-powered autocorrect that doesn’t get on your nerves.

But it’s not just the smart typing technology that makes SwiftKey so special, it is the integrated Stickers and Collections that help you create your very own art is what makes texting so cool with this keyboard app. You still get the goodness of bilingual typing, swipe gestures for easy texting and GIFs support to sharing most lit memes ever.

3. ai.type keyboard Plus + Emoji

Garnering a user base of more than 50 million worldwide, ai.type keyboard has been deemed the most personalized keyboard ever built for Android, and it holds up to the title. The AI-powered technology helps it actively learn user typing patterns and choice of worlds, helping it fit in and personalize for your typing style much faster.

The personalization doesn’t end at typing either, as the app comes packed with hundreds and thousands of themes, the ability to create your custom themes and keyboard layouts. One particular feature we loved is the efficient top row which not only includes numbers, but punctuations and even your frequently used Emojis for some quick texting experience.

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4. Chrooma Keyboard

Albeit it is a whole lot more fun to text interactively with GIFs and animated Emojis, but haven’t you had the app crash on you at least once while doing so? This is where Chrooma keyboard comes into play to keep things clean, fast, and simple, but certainly doesn’t hold back on features either.

The app comes with an immersive color scheme that changes with the app you use it with, contextual text prediction and auto-correct powered by artificial intelligence, along with a neural action row at the top of the keypad with suggested punctuations, Emojis, and numbers. From gesture typing and single-handed keyboard layout to Night Mode and deep level of customization features, Chrooma keyboard doesn’t hold anything back.

5. Fleksy Keyboard

One major reason you’d ever want to ditch the stock keyboard on your Android device is the limitations that come with, as they want you to walk within their guidelines. With Fleksy keyboard, those lines blur out and you get a world of customization at your fingertips.

Instead of bombarding you with features you don’t need, Fleksy gives you control to add or remove elements like Hotkeys, GIFs, Stickers, Rainbow Key Pops, Number Row and so much more. You even get insanely accurate predictive text and autocorrect, while packed along with Natural Gestures to delete words, put in spaces, punctuations and more.

6. Minuum Keyboard + Smart Emoji

Released years ago when Google was still trying to perfect the stock keyboard, Minuum offered a user interface that no keyboard had tried before. For those of you who hate that keyboards have become too complicated, Minuum brings the much-needed simplicity with no shortage of features.

Ideal for those who are quite sloppy at typing on mobile devices, the multilingual Minuum keyboard comes with lightning fast and precise predictive typing which extends over to Emojis as well. Putting you in control of the keyboard layout, you can customize the size, layout positioning, and even colors that you see while texting.

7. Grammarly Keyboard

Let’s just admit it, everybody can make mistakes and especially when you’re trying to type a thousand words a minute. While a typo or grammatical error isn’t a deal-breaker in your regular conversations, sending out an email or a group chat on the work account with typos can be apocalyptic, which is why Grammarly is here to save the day.

Already an established service for web users, Grammarly keyboard brings the same error-free typing experience to your Android device with the mobile app. Built to look neat and clean without any unnecessary elements, you not only get a powered-packed grammar checker and contextual spelling checker, but special suggestions to help you enhance your vocabulary as well.

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Which among these top keyboard apps for Android is worthy of finding a slot on your personal Android device? We’re excited to know, so hit us up in the comments section right down below.

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