Best Job Search Apps on Android

Today there aren’t many aspects of life that the internet and its far-reaching tentacles haven’t touched in some way or the other. Long gone are the days of shuffling through each and every page of each and every newspaper every day in a hunt for a suitable job opening.

Today job openings are just a click away, and that has its advantages and disadvantages. With such easy accessibility for recruiters, their expectations have risen a notch. Requirements are more precise than ever before. So, lately, apps have been focusing on assisting job-hunters in leveling the playing ground by introducing features such as filtering jobs in multiple minute ways and resume-making.


Get Access to the Best Job Offers using these Apps!

Over time a few apps have gained greater popularity than others for this reason.

For the US

The most popular job-seeking apps today are:


Indeed Job Search is a simple, neat and effective app. The user stores his resume on Indeed which is then forwarded by the app to every recruiter the user applies to. So applying via Indeed is a very simplified 4-5 steps process as opposed to apps like LinkedIn which have much more complex ecosystems that the user has to navigate.

Download: Indeed Job Search

2. LinkedIn


LinkedIn is the godfather of job-hunting companies. It remains, to date, the most dependable platform for recruiters and job-hunters alike. It works in a Facebook-like fashion. After entering all the job-related info the app requires you to do, it puts in one’s radar prospective people and companies that might be the user’s future employers.

By networking with the correct people and hearing of job openings around them, LinkedIn links the user to his next job.

Download: LinkedIn

3. Glassdoor


Glassdoor is a very sophisticated and contemporary app with a rating system for companies with respect to their work culture, quality of reimbursements etc which helps prospective workers of a company to get a basic idea of what they can expect if they make it. Additionally,  a user can use a tool known as “Know Your Worth” to estimate his market value in the current scenario, compare his skill set with the average worker of that field and gauge is a base salary.

Download: Glassdoor

4. ZipRecruiter


ZipRecruiter handpicks and curates job openings from hundreds of job boards and helps speed up the job application process in its entirety. The first thing the app does is set the base for the minimum salary expected and then, based on that, conducts its search for potential jobs for the user. It notifies you when the recruiter checks the user’s profile and tries to persuade him to enhance his profile by filling in the details in greater detail.

Download: ZipRecruiter

5. LinkUp


LinkUp is a fairly functional app, coming with most of the features present in its competitors. It has a minimalistic interface for quick and unencumbered job searches. It helps find skilled people and jobs in line with the user’s profession and can be used to view other’s social media profiles within the app.

Download: LinkUp

6. Monster Job Search (formerly Jobr)


Monster app (an app separate from Monster Jobs) is linked with LinkedIn. If a user has a pre-existing LinkedIn account, the Monster app simply imports it and extracts information from it. What Jobr does by itself though, is that it discards the user’s photograph and all other personal information that helps to recognize him, and keeps his identity hidden from the recruiter until recruitment, to eradicate any bias that may come into play.

Download: Monster Job Search (formerly Jobr)

7. Snag


Snag (formerly named Snagajob) is an easy-to-use job finder and career builder app. Searching for full-time careers or part-time jobs is equally painless. Snag makes easily accessible unconventional and limited jobs such as restaurant jobs, retail, hospitality, and seasonal jobs. Jobs can be applied to with a single click using the user’s Snag profile. The application status of jobs applied for is always visible to the user. The app makes the user undergo a personality test to help the recruiters get a clearer picture of the applicant and aid their decision in choosing or rejecting him.

Download: Snag

8. CareerBuilder


CareerBuilder lets a user access multiple job boards and career sites in one place. Tools are provided to track applications and apply to multiple jobs with a single click on the mouse. If the resume is made public, recruiters can be expected to come knocking on the user’s door.

Download: CareerBuilder


9. Trovit


While the app isn’t as popular as LinkedIn or Glassdoor, it offers a fairly great job search experience for users as it provides users with really useful filters to find exactly what they are looking for. More importantly, the app often sends notification alerts when a job you’re looking for is available on the app. This feature is super useful to avoid having to constantly check for new job ads.

Download: Trovit

10. Good&co: Culture Fit Jobs

Good&co isn’t like any other traditional job search applications. The app is tailored in such a way that it not only helps the user find a job but it also makes sure you find a job that suits your work style and improve your own well-being. Good&co is super useful to aid in self-discovery and will help you find a job which complements your strengths.

Download: Good&co: Culture Fit Jobs


Google Search is the most rudimentary way to look for a job. Just search for a job the way one searches for anything on it, and relevant results will pop up in a jiffy. The better part about using Google Search is that it brings in results from numerous other apps, bringing you the greatest number of results you could hope for. And, it doesn’t cost a dime. So what’s not to like?

Download: Google Search

For India

Here are the best job search apps for India:

1. Monster Jobs


Monster Jobs is an acclaimed app, almost at par with LinkedIn in the respectability department. It’s a location-based job searching approach is very suitable for a majority of job-seekers that are already situated in their intended professional locations. The user’s feed is regularly updated to keep him informed of job openings as they happen.

Download: Monster Jobs

As mentioned above.

Download: Indeed Job Search

3. LinkedIn

As mentioned above.

Download: LinkedIn is India’s number 1 job site and the application is a super useful app to search for jobs in India. The app is easy to use and creating your profile takes just a few minutes. Once you’ve logged in, you can get streamlined searches for the job you’re looking for. The app even lets you bookmark jobs which you want to check out later.

Download: Job Search

BONUS: Simply Hired


Simply Hired’s recently revamped website now comes with functionality that puts it right on par with the other mentions on this list. One can sort the job listings in various ways and there are a number of filter options available as well. The recruiters decide what sort of application process the applicant needs to go through. While some job applications are one-click processes, others require you to go the conventional way of submitting your resume and cover letter.

Visit: Simply Hired

Resume Builder Pro


Resume Builder Pro, though not a job-hunting app, is definitely a job-aiding one. It simplifies the process of making one’s resume and shortens it to a job of a mere 5 minutes. All one has to do is select a template, fill in the prescribed sections (name, skills, work experience etc.), add and delete sections if required, and submit. The app then generates a resume for the user.

Download: Resume Builder Pro

These are some of the best job-hunting apps in the market today. Have you tried them yet?

What have your job hunting experiences been like in the past? Have you tried one of these apps yet? How helpful were these apps? Tell us in the comment section below.