Best Leather Cases for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is still one of the best Android devices to get your hands on. The device has everything one could need from a smartphone and is also one of the only flagship phones with a headphone jack.

The device has a beautiful glass sandwich design which makes the device feel super premium. The glass is pretty scratch resistant and can take a few minor drops; however, if you aren’t willing to risk shattering the glass on your device or scuffing up the aluminum band, then you’re probably going to need a case.

Most cases are usually made with TPU plastic which are fairly good; however, if you’re looking for a great leather case to protect your Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus while also trying to add some style, then you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve created a list of the absolute best leather cases for the Galaxy S9.


Best leather and wallet cases

TETDED Premium Leather Case


This case from Tetded is a great thin leather case for the Galaxy S9 and offers decent protection against scratches. The case fits the device precisely and the cutouts for the buttons and ports are great.

The case snaps onto the device pretty easily and can be removed easily as well without scratching the edges of the device.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($28.50) | S9+ ($28.50)



OtterBox produces some absolutely insane rugged smartphone cases and this Strada series leather case for the Galaxy S9 is the best durable leather case you’ll find.

The case is fairly stylish and offers protection against accidental drops and also has a flip cover which means the screen wouldn’t be scratched when you keep the device in your pocket or backpack. The case also offers a vertical card holder so you wouldn’t have to carry around a wallet.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($29.99) | S9+ ($39.97)

Buy on OtterBox: S9 ($44.95) | S9+ ($54.95)

Shieldon Genuine Leather Wallet Case


If you’re looking for a leather case that does it all, this case from Shieldon wouldn’t let you down. The case also doubles as a wallet as well as has a stand to hold the device in landscape mode while also protecting your S9 from any scratches or minor drops.

The case fits the device perfectly and the ports are easily accessible. That being said, the case is definitely worth checking out.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($29.99) | S9+ ($29.99)

Buy on Shieldon: S9 ($29.99) | S9+ ($29.99)

Icarer Genuine Vintage Leather Case


Icarer is a pretty popular brand that is associated with great leather accessories and products. This genuine vintage leather case for the Galaxy S9 is one of the best leather cases you could get your hands on.

The case is super sleek and stylish and the front cover even curves over the edges of the device, unlike most other flip covers. The case is also waterproof and can be cleaned easily.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($26.90) | S9+ ($26.90)

Noreve Leather cover


These Galaxy S9 leather cases are easily the best premium leather cases for the device. Noreve allows you to customize the finish and color of the cover hence you could pick and choose from a vast variety of cases on their website.

If you don’t mind spending the premium price, then we’d definitely suggest visiting the Noreve website and pick a case based on your preference.

Buy from Noreve: S9 ($51.96) | S9+ ($51.96)

Burkley Leather Case


If you’re looking for a classic leather case for the Galaxy S9 that’s handcrafted, then this marvelous case from Burkley should be your pick. The case is made with premium Turkish Leather which screams premium.

The inside of the case has microfiber which means the case wouldn’t scratch the device when you place it in. The case fits the device perfectly as well and the buttons and ports are easily accessible.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($39.00) | S9+ ($39.00)

Buy on Burkley: S9 ($39.00) | S9+ ($39.00)

V.Empire Slim Fit Leather Case


This cool case from V.Empire doubles as a cardholder as well; however, unlike most other wallet cases, this case is a snap-on case and isn’t a flip cover styled leather case.

The case is fairly sleek and does not add much bulk to the device. The port cutouts are great and the buttons are easily accessible as well. The case is also available in multiple colors.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($14.99) | S9+ ($15.99)

Sena Snap-On Leather Case


If you’re looking for a great minimal leather skin for the Galaxy S9, then this leather case from Sena should be an end to your search. The case is absolutely minimal and does not come with any visible branding when on the device.

The case is available in three colors; Red, Black, and Brown and fits the device perfectly and also offers some decent scratch and drop protection for the device.

Buy from Sena: S9 ($39.95) | S9+ ($39.95)

UltraSlim Leather Sleeve Case


Here’s another great product from Sena and this one’s a sleeve case rather than a snap-on case. If you’re looking for a sleeve case for the Galaxy S9, then this leather sleeve case from Sena is worth checking out.

The case is super slim and is made with high-quality leather. The device fits snuggly within the case and would prevent the device from getting any scratches while in your pocket. The only downside to a leather sleeve case is that there’s isn’t much of any drop protection.

Buy from Sena: S9 ($39.95) | S9+ ($39.50)

Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case


If you’re looking for a stylish premium leather wallet case for the Galaxy S9, then this case from Mujjo is easily the best premium leather wallet case you’re going to find.

The integrated card holder at the back can accommodate up to 3 cards and does not feel as bulky as other wallet cases. Mujjo offers some exceptional cases for multiple other devices as well and offers some decent drop protection.

Buy on Amazon: S9 ($49.95) | S9+ ($54.95)

Buy on Mujjo: S9 ($47.43) | S9+ ($52.18)


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