Best Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 Cases and Covers

Nowadays, smartphones are becoming more and more sturdy and resistant to normal wear and tear. But can you ever imagine being on the losing side after your shiny Samsung Galaxy S2’s encounter with a sudden fall?

Not just that, sometimes, it might happen that you start getting bored with the looks of your phone just after a few months of usage. And these are the circumstances when thinking about encasing your Galaxy S2 might be a good idea!

There are numerous cases available for the king of smartphones, the Samsung Galaxy S2, that is. The moment you jump-over to Amazon and search for the available cases, you will be flooded with results – some of them for adding sturdiness to your S2, and some improving upon the looks.

We’ll be covering 10 such cases available for the Samsung Galaxy S2 international version in this round-up:

1) Otterbox Commuter Series Case


The Otterbox case is said to be made from Self-adhering clear screen protector with a film included for the screen. It is a good stud for everyday usage and can protect the corners from bumps and shock and the screen from scratches. The styling is also composed of a unique design.

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2) Case-Mate Pop


The Pop has a stand embedded at the rear and that makes it stand-out from the crowd. Made from co-moulded materials of plastic and soft-rubber which give the hard cover a soft feel, the Pop has a light-weight body. The screen is kept away from the surface.

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3) elago S4 BREATHE Case


This one is made from carefully designed durable Polycarbonate which ups the protection-ante. It is also coated from Polyurethene for a better grip and to protect your beloved phone from scratches.

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4) Acase Superleggera PRO


This one is dual-layer case which embodies polycarbonate and silicone, thus protecting your phone from all kinds of scratches and impacts, just in case. The silicone case has another removable polycarbonate cover which provides a comfortable grip. The rim stands a bit higher than the screen to protect it. Also, it is said not to add any extra bulk to your phone.

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5) SGP Argos Series, white


This one is a cool white leather case for your S II, totally hand-made. It’s also very thin and has a leather thickness of just 1/2.5mm!

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6) Amzer Silicone Skin Jelly


Use of premium silicon and light weight, these are the features which make the Amzer Black Jelly Case a good option to consider. The silicon protects your S II and keeps it new for the times to come. The smooth silicon also gives a good grip to avoid the scenario of dropping the phone and sliding after a fall on a flat surface.

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7) Talon – Starry Night


This one was definitely made keeping those in mind who want a protection for their phone along-with a dash of personalization. It is made from hard-plastic with a ‘starry-night’ design. Hence, the color of the phone can be easily changed without compromising with the sheen of the body.

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8) Waterproof Tough Hard Phone Case


Now this one is meant for those of you who really need an all-weather protection for your phone and want your phone to match your adventurous style. It is designed to waterproof IPX4 standards and thus, is quite a suitable companion for you in all conditions.  It also has an Ultimate Addons 3 prong attachment connection and is hence compatible with all kinds of mounts or accessories for your S II.

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9) SGP Neo Hybrid Series


Vibrant and Cool. That’s what defines the SGP Neo Hybrid series. The cases come as per your taste. Yes, up to 8 choices of colors are available and you can choose whichever suits you the most. This one also has an Ultra Screen Protector included so that the S-AMOLED PLUS screen of the S II is not caught off-guard if an incident occurs.

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10) Tuff-Luv Wood Case


Now this one would definitely feel ‘natural’. these cases are made from wood-vinyl with a layer of plastic for added protection. The plastic definitely doesn’t compromise on the aesthetics of the case and you get a beautifully strong device. Access to all the important functions has been left feasible for the user’s needs.

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So this one kind-of rounds-up our list although there are many other gorgeous and sturdy cases available out there. So what are you waiting for? Head-on to the online retailer and get one for your own Samsung Galaxy S2 and keep it shiny-new for a long time.