5 best Football games for Android to get your blood flowing

For a sport that has been around for thousands of years, football (the real football, not what the Americans believe it to be) has stayed surprisingly relevant and fresh. Whether you’re all for it or against it, there’s no denying that football has not only become a popular sport for the physically able, but for the virtual warriors as well.

The gaming industry has huge stakes in the sport of football or soccer as some may know it, with brands like Electronic Arts sponsoring big matches as the Premier League as well. It only seems fair that the excitement from the ground that has been brought to the virtual world is extended over to mobile devices as well. For all of you football fans in the house, here’s a special treat of the best football games on Android to get your heart pumping.

1. FIFA Soccer

Almost synonymous with the sport itself, FIFA has been a long-standing partner of Electronic Arts Sports, creating football games for decades. The same exciting and adrenaline-fueled gaming experience is now available on mobile devices now with nobody else but Cristiano Ronaldo himself calling you to the field to enjoy a thrilling high-graphic game of football from your Android device.

By any means, FIFA Soccer from EA Sports is just what you expect from the mobile version of the game to have – the Ultimate Team feature to create your own roster, Rewards, and Daily Events to make you come back for more. The ideal football game for Android for a premium gaming experience, FIFA Soccer comes with a truly authentic feel to it with every major football team and star players officially licensed for use.

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2. PES 2018

Konami has long tried to dethrone EA Sports in the football genre that it has dominated for decades now, and PES 2018 is an ode to it. Bringing a rawer football gaming experience on the mainstream gaming machines and mobile devices alive, PES 2018 has also licensed legendary players like Maradona, Beckham, and several others, but nowhere near the number that FIFA Soccer has.

Offering an inclusive gaming experience, you get the Local Matches and Local Leagues feature to battle it out on the field with friends around you, while still giving you the ability to play against random opponents in real time. One space where PES 2018 does beat the competitors is in offering a more fluidic gaming experience with additional controls for Controlled Shot and Chip Shot, bringing it a lot closer to the console experience.

3. Top Eleven 2018 – Be a Soccer Manager

You don’t always have to get your hands dirty in the grass and dirt to get some thrill from football, just ask the team managers. Top Eleven give you this special opportunity to come out of the shadow of the legends like José Mourinho and Jürgen Klopp and become the next great name with your very own chance to make it big in the world of football.

Start off by building and securing your very own spot at the home team stadium, scout for the big players in the game and sign them up for your team using the live transfer market. Design your training sessions and keep a track of your star players as they progress while finding them a substitute when need be – all of this comes with the best live-match experience you’ll ever have of fantasy football on Android.

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4. Thinktoscore – Football Quiz

What makes a true fan is knowing who scored the winning goal for your team every season to season, and if you consider yourself one, Thinktoscore is the app to test out your knowledge. The game has simple mechanics – you choose the correct answer for the question from among the four choices given, and with every right choice, you advance further towards the goal post.

Each match takes around 5 minutes and you not only answer quiz questions but also get to controls the players, fall back or take a shot that the keeper. With over 70,000 questions crammed up in Thinktoscore, you can even battle it out with your friends and finally claim to be a football guru for good.

5. Football Strike – Multiplayer Soccer

While the addition of multiplayer gameplay to football games on Android isn’t entirely new, you might not always be able to play out a match from the beginning to the end always. To shorten up the multiplayer challenge but still keep the thrill of football alive, Miniclip introduces the free kick mayhem in Football Strike.

Make a name for yourself in the solo Career Mode, or challenge friends and other from across the world to a free kick showdown. Play as a striker to score the goal or as a goalkeeper to defend your post in the one-on-one show of skills, playing through the grandest stadiums and wearing the jersey of your favorite team to make them proud.


Which is your favorite football game for Android that could steal hours away from your day without feeling so?

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