Best Fix for Google Pixel and Pixel XL Issues [WiFi and all others]

Google’s new totally-own devices, the Pixel and Pixel XL, are the future. Or at least that’s what we, like Google, would like to think. These two are solid devices, but if you run in into any issues with Pixel sets, then we’re here to help you with appropriate fixes for them all.

Right now, some of you have asked us for help on not being able to connect to WiFi network — which should be an easy job, one-click sort of.

Well, Google is aware of the issue, and so has already released a quick update to fix it. The WiFi fixes update comes as build NDE63P.

Here is Verizon’s update info for the Pixel and Pixel XL.

pixel-WiFi-fix pixel-xl-fix

How to Fix WiFi Issue

Well, simply look for an update to solve the WiFi problem on your Pixel and Pixel XL. Here’s how.

  • Head into Settings, and scroll down and tap on About devices.
  • Now, tap on System updates, and then on ‘check for update’ button to force system to look for an update.
  • Once you have the NDE63P build, the WiFi problem should be solved.

Look at ‘About device’ screen to check the current build no. on your Pixel.

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  • jake

    Just got the pixel and have that build number. still unable to connect to wifi. any ideas?

  • But the system doesn’t let you download the update without wifi!

  • Bahubali

    Thanks you for Information.
    My issue is that I can’t connect to any WiFi and can’t download this update. Is there any other way I can get this update. Its says that over wifi only.

  • Chris w.

    Have the build, still no wifi. Not just one router but all routers.

  • Ej Dietrich

    Wifi still not working even after a factory reset my build number is NMF26U

  • I found a solution, connect to a wifi network with NO PASSWORD. go to your local phone store or disable your own wifi password temporarily. This worked for me. thanks