Best Expense Tracking Android Apps

Best Expense Tracking Android Apps

There are some people who can keep track of their expenditures without having to jot them down somewhere. Then there are some that need to make records of all their expenses and incomes to be able to keep track of them. That’s where these Expense Tracking apps come in. With mobile phones becoming an inseparable piece of equipment, what can be a better way to track your expenses than to do it on your phone itself? Why carry notebooks and diaries around when everything can be done on your phone wherever you are?

Android has a plethora of such apps on the Google Play Store (formerly Android Market) that help you track your expenses. We have picked out a few that we think are worth trying out for those who take their expense tracking seriously.

Read on to find out our choices for the best expense tracking apps available for Android.

Free Expense Tracking Android Apps ¬

Money Lover – Expense Manager


Money Lover lets you add different transactions based on four categories, namely Income, Expense, Receivable, and Payable. Each transaction can be added with details such as the amount, custom notes, date, and so an option to add a repeat schedule so that the transaction is added again according to what schedule you choose, such as start week, end quarter, etc. The Cashbook shows you all your transactions and expenses in a list. Campaigns can be added for taking care of your budgets. A separate bill management section helps you keep track of all your bills like electricity, telephone and more. Oh, and you can also add different accounts for different persons, with the ability to transfer data from one account to another.

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Expense Manager


Expense Manager starts up with showing you your total balance, income, and the expenses for the day, week and month. Here, you can add new incomes or expenses, along with extra details such as the date, amount, payer, mode of payment (cash, check, credit or debit card, electronic transfer), ref/check no. in case you pay with check, and a brief description of the transaction. There is also an Auto Fill feature that lets you add templates for quick filling of details when adding transactions. The daily, weekly, monthly and yearly expense and income can be viewed in chart form. Alerts for payments can also be added to make sure you never miss a payment.

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Expensify – Expense Reports


Expensify is unique thanks to its SmartScan technology, which lets you take photos of business cards and receipts to auto detect information instead of having to enter it manually. Scanning business cards gives you the option to invite persons to Expensify using their email address. Expenses can be added with different details like amount, currency, category, and uploaded to your online Expensify account. The Mileage section lets you add details of miles traveled along with cost per mile and total cost for entire trip, to take care of your travelling expenses.

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MoneyWise is pretty simple to use. You can create multiple accounts, then add new transactions for both expenses and incomes for each account, adding details like amount, date, description, etc. You can add a monthly, yearly or endless budget, then get a list of all expenses in that budget. The Balance screen shows you your total balance, along with the end of month balance, for each account. Graph views of both income and expense are available for viewing. Also, transfers can be made between different accounts as and when required.

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Settle Up


Settle Up has one main aim: help you settle up payments in a group by letting you know who needs to pay what amount to settle a debt. New payments can be added with details of who paid what amount and for which members of the group they paid it, so the remaining balance of each member of the group can be calculated. The Payments Log shows you the history of all the payments made in the group, while the Settle Debts section lets you clear existing debts after they have been settled. Integrated PayPal support can be used to make payments using the app itself.

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Best Paid Expense Tracking Android App ¬

EasyMoney ($10)


EasyMoney lets you add different accounts, with each account having Cash, Credit Card and Bank Account sections. Transactions can be added to any of the three sections with details like amount, category, type of transaction, notes, receipt photos, etc. Custom expense categories can also be added. Monthly budgets can be set to help you make sure you never go above your monthly allowance. You can make transfers between bank accounts, credit cards and cash accounts. The View Reports option lets you view reports for income, expense, cash flow, and also categorically divided reports. Bill reminders can be set to make sure you never miss a bill payments. And last but not the least, you can export all the data in the app as a database, and also import databases.

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Bonus App Recommendation ¬

My Cars


My Cars focuses on helping you take care of your car related expenses, like fuel spent, fuel price, refueling details, and more. All your cars can be added with details like make and model, price, fuel type, initial mileage, tire size and pressure, etc. Refuel transactions with details such as trip distance, refuel cost, road type, driving style, etc, can be entered into the app to keep a tab on them. The app calculates and shows you the best and worst fuel efficiency data based on your entries. There is also a fully detailed chart option that shows you charts and graphs for a lot of results and data. My Cars is one of the best apps for taking care of your car expenses.

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And here we come to the end of the round-up. The above are some of the best expense tracking apps we could find and think you should give them a go. Of course, there are quite a few other apps available on Android. So if there’s an app that you like and think should be up on that list, do let us know in the comments below.