Best Code / Text Editors for Android with Syntax Highlighter

Android has truly evolved over the years from a device for media consumption to a device we can truly use for creating content. While a couple of years back, it was considered just a great mobile OS, it now encompasses almost everything that a full-fledged computing OS can do. And now the more power users among us can even use it to code stuff on the go.

Best Code / Text Editors for Android

So, if you are looking forward to harnessing the code-editing capabilities of your device and still can’t figure which apps you should start with for the purpose; then we have put together a few of the best options for this and it’s best to check them out to find whether which app is best for your requirements. Don’t fret and just check out these great options.


Quoda Code Editor (Beta)

Quoda looks to be the most promising Code editor of the lot with a plethora of features arming it to its teeth! And when we say armed, we mean that it tries to tick-off all the right checkboxes for almost anything a coder might need. It also has the capability to connect to remote SFTP/FTP servers and cloud storage services for you to download or upload files on the go! The app is available for free on the Play Store.

► Download Quoda Code Editor


Spark Lite – HTML Editor/FTP

Spark Lite is a great app for continuing your coding work when you don’t have your computer with you. The app is light weight yet powerful enough to perform almost all tasks you throw at it. One feature we specifically liked was the auto-generated CSS styler on board. Go ahead and install this app from the Google Play Store for free.

► Download Spark Lite



DroidEdit is one of the highest rated code editing apps on the Play Store. The app is flexible and quite stable at the same time with syntax-highlighter for numerous languages and support for direct opening of files from your Dropbox account. Droidedit is available for free with a paid version which adds SFTP/FTP, Dropbox, theme support, and various other added features.

► Download DroidEdit


Code Peeker Lite

If any of the above apps are not what you really need and you just require an app for viewing the code associated with a file, then Code Peeker is your best bet. There are numerous options to change the look and feel for your viewing experience. The app supports almost all coding languages out there and whichever language it can’t display are displayed in simple text format.

Download Code Peeker


If you’ve got any suggestions or questions, feel free to let us know in comments below.

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