Best Apps to Save Battery on Your Android Phone

Since the very early days of Android the most unpopular misgiving of the OS has been the battery life. Tons of Google services, 3rd party apps running in background, improper wakelocks, heavy skins, et cetera takes a good hard toll on the battery life of your Android smartphone. Manufacturers have a habit of slamming a bigger and juicier battery under the hood. The hardware approach though effective is still bogged down due to improper software implementation.

But, as always, third party apps are here for the rescue. You may have seen a lot of  apps on the Play Store and you would be confused which one would be more effective. Most of them just have a placebo effect, so, here is our break down of 4 most effective Battery Saving apps which we think would generally improve the battery life of your smartphone by a lot.

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Specialty: The app takes no non-sense approach and very less RAM consumption itself. Our favorite. This app takes a simplistic yet different approach from the mainstream battery apps out there.

The purpose of this app is to give control of other apps in the hands of the user. The idea behind the app is to limit the apps privilege to run in the background. This is the reason why it ranks first on our list.

The idea may seem simple but actually is very effective as  in real life performance. In our tests, it gave pretty impressive results and we could definitely notice how ‘hibernating’ heavy apps like Facebook and others had an impact on the longevity of our battery.

What it’s good at:
  • ‘Hibernate’ select applications.
  • Notifies of apps that may slow down your device.
  • Tells which app is running in background and how much RAM is it consuming.
  • Has a very small memory footprint itself.
  • Hibernate System apps. (Paid version)
  • Detect which app or process woke up the hibernated app. (Paid version)
  • Allow GCM push for hibernated apps. (Paid version)

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Juice Defender

Specialty: Lets users to customize from everything to anything. Extreme profile is extremely effective. Moderate RAM consumption.

This extremely popular app developed by Latedroid has been around since early Cupcake days and still does what it says: Defends your juice. The app is so vast you can practically spend a good two hours tweaking it to your liking.

You can set 1 out of 5 extremely comprehensive profiles and customize them based on how and when and where you want which service or connectivity or process to terminate and/or start. And it doesn’t end there. Yes! It’s that customizable.

Our only misgiving about this app is that many awesome features are locked in the free version and Ultimate or Plus version must be bought to fully take advantage of this app. In our opinion, the Ultimate version of the app should be bought as it gives more value per money.

What it’s good at:
  • Manage mobile data and WiFi.
  • Configure which apps to run or stop in the background.
  • Intuitive feature like Night mode to disable connectivity at night and Schedule to turn on connectivity at pre-defined time periods to receive notifications.
  • Interactive widgets.
  • Extreme profile. (Ultimate version)
  • Location based control. (Ultimate version)
  • CPU Frequency control. (Ultimate version)
  • Smart brightness and Night tint. (Ultimate version)

..and much more.

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Easy Battery Saver (Free)

Specialty: The minimal and automated approach requires minimum user interaction with the app itself. The RAM consumption is very low. It’s the only app which we could find which doesn’t require a paid version to get extra functionality.

It’s free throughout and that’s why it’s our second favorite. You may get overwhelmed by the sheer number of functions and features of an app like Juice Defender or Deep Sleep Battery saver, but one thing Easy Battery Saver is best at; It’s easy.

Co-relative with easiness of this app, the RAM consumption is very minimal while not sacrificing on most  of the features.

What it’s good at:
  • Easy tutorial to get you through the tasks.
  • Show’s a comprehensive details of how much the user can call, browse on web, play music and audio and is surprisingly very accurate.
  • General hierarchy of modes does what they say perfectly.
  • The Consumption Tracker, again is quite accurate.
  • Minimal approach and is mostly automated.

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Deep Sleep Battery Saver. (Free and Paid version)

Specialty: As the name suggests, it makes effective use of inbuilt Deep Sleep feature of Android and has a respectfully low RAM consumption.

From the popular developer, Root Uninstaller, Deep Sleep Battery Saver is a software based solution to all the optimizations that OEMs fail to implement. DS Battery saver can trigger deep sleep whenever required and can wake up your device periodically to check for notifications.

Not only this but you also get control over WiFi and Data networks automation and much more. All of this in a slick user interface with which we fell in love with.

What it’s good at:
  • Custom deep sleep
  • Advanced mobile data management
  • Comprehensive logs to keep track on what, where and when battery is being consumed.
  • Intuitive night and day settings. (Paid version)
  • Advanced sync management. (Paid version)

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 icon-hand-o-right HONORABLE MENTIONS



Specialty: Just-A-Phone and One-Click Optimize gives hassle free ready to go functionality. However, inconsistent RAM consumption. Longevity may not rank high in our comparison but it comes pretty close.

The optimizations Micro Trend has put in does a fine job to increase the longevity of the battery (pun intended!). However, what we don’t like  about the app is its inconstant memory footprint. Sometimes, RAM consumption is as low as 3% but sometimes it goes up to 20% which then takes a placebo effect meaning the app is itself consuming more battery than it is saving.

However, some features of the app like Just-a-Phone mode and one-click optimize provides hassle free battery saving functionality. Power hog alerts and Power hog app list does a fine job in telling the user where battery is being consumed the most.

In our opinion, try the free version and notice it’s RAM consumption. If it’s consistent, then you should probably settle with this app and its ease of use.

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DU Battery Saver And Widgets (Free and Paid version)

Specialty: Surprisingly accurate battery monitoring. One-Click optimize does exactly what it should (unlike many others). Widget and battery skins are icing on the cake. However, RAM consumption is more than adequate.

Of all the apps we’ve tested (not just battery saving ones), this app is definitely one of the best looking ones. The DU App Studio claims that their app can increase your battery life by upto 50%, which could rarely be the case, and anyway, how much battery a user can save is highly subjective in regards to the user’s usage of the phone.

The features like different battery saver modes, smart mode, one-click optimize and anytime optimization are highly comprehensive and does what it says. The developer of the app claims that the app adapts to the user’s usage. Also, the app’s battery monitor activity is one of the best (if not the best) we’ve seen. It’s very detailed and highly accurate which can’t be said for all apps in this comparison.

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Did we forget to mention your favorite? How did these deliver to your battery saving needs? Feel free to let us know in comments below.

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