Best Android icon packs that you should try

You already know how awesome Android is at customizing your device. Be it changing the wallpaper, ringtone, theme, buttons, LED notification light or icons, everything is possible on Android.

Talking about icons, in case you didn’t know, you can change the icons on your device with the icon packs. Icon packs are cool and give a new look to your device. Icon packs are apps, like any other app on the Google Play Store but instead of adding any new functionality, they replace the default boring icons on your device with the customized icons based on your liking.

However, you cannot use the icon packs directly on default launchers as most of them do not support the icon packs, you have to install a 3rd party launcher first. Here is our detailed guide on how to use and apply icon packs using 3rd party launchers.

Anyway, back to the awesomeness of icon packs. Google Play store is loaded with lavish icon packs and it becomes quite difficult to choose between them. So, we have made it easier for you by hand-picking the best icon packs available on the Play store in different categories.

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Transparent icon packs

Most of the icon packs in this category are either transparent or translucent overlaid with the icon outlines, making the device background more prominent.

Lines Free – Icon Pack

Take the icon, remove the central colored part, keep the white outline, that’s what this icon pack is all about. With no background color for the icons, the entire focus lies on your background.  The icon pack boasts of having more than 2500+ icons and 200+ wallpapers and includes a matching analog clock widget as well.


Download Lines Free icon pack

Zeon Black

Similar to the Lines free icon pack, Zeon black also focuses entirely on the outline of the icons. The only difference being, Lines Free icon pack outline was white in color, while Zeon black, as the name suggests has a black outline. The Zeon black icon pack comes with an app dashboard and 1600+ icons.


Download Zeon Black icon pack

However, it is available in other colors as well, such as blue, white, red, green and pink.

Min – Icon pack

As the name suggests, icons in this pack are minimum (small) in size. Moreover, they are also transparent, letting you show off your wallpaper beneath the icons. The app has over 1500 icons and 50+ wallpapers.

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Download Min – icon pack

Glasklart – Icon Pack

The icons in this pack come with a monotone outline kept in a square translucent box. As the description in the Play store says, Glasklart icons allow you to showcase your wallpaper due to translucent nature of the icons. It has over 1400 + icons and also includes HD wallpapers.


Download Glasklart – Icon Pack

GEL – Icon Pack

With a translucent circular background, Gel icon pack also dismisses color and focuses on the outline of the icons. While the pack boasts of 1600+ icons in full HD, it also features a clock widget.


Download GEL – Icon Pack

Dark icons/Black theme

There are two kinds of people; one who like dark (black) themes and the other who like light (white themes). No matter which category you belong to, we have got you covered.

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Moonrise Icon Pack

Designed to portray the mix between the moon and night, Moonrise Icon Pack is a great choice if you like dark themes. With more than 900 icons, the icon pack also has 60 premium wallpapers.


Download Moonrise icon pack

Luxury X Icon Pack

Luxury icon pack has a combination of gold and black color that gives a premium and stylish look to your icons. Simple and elegant, luxury icon pack has more than 1000 icons.


Download Luxury X icon pack

Silhouette Icon Pack

Similar to Luxury X icon pack that adds a golden tinge to the black icons, Silhouette adds a slight colored effect to the black icons, which also gives a floating look to the icon pack.

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Download Silhouette icon pack

Zwart – Black Icon Pack

With no additional color tinge, Zwart –black icon pack consists of pure black icons. Boasting of more than 4000 icons, icons look great, especially on a light colored background.


Download Zwart Black icon pack

Dark Void Free – Circle Icons

The icon pack features flat circular black icons with the transparent background. With more than 200 wallpapers and an analog clock widget, the icon pack comprises of 2,500+ hand crafted simple black flat HD Icons.


Download Void Free icon pack

Light icons/ White theme

Whicons – White Icon Pack

Fan of pure white? Say hi to Whicons – White Icon Pack. The icon pack boasts of more than 4500 icons and is super stylish. Also, the developer regularly makes new icons as per the requests.

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Download Whicons icon pack

Flight Lite – Minimalist Icons

Another beautiful white icon pack that also blends in with your backgrounds is the Flight Lite icon pack. With matching wallpapers and a matching analog clock widget, the icon pack features 2,500+ handcrafted flat white flat HD Icons.


Download Flight Lite

Pasty Free – White Icon Pack

Pasty free icon pack consists of white icons with round borders. All the icons are HD with a transparent center. It works great with every launcher and features 2,500+ simple white icons.

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Download Pasty Free

Flat White Icon Pack

Clean and minimalistic to the core, Flat white icon pack has a gorgeous collection of white icons. With a built-in icon request feature, the icon pack supports over 1200 icons.


Download Flat white icon pack

Gel dark – Icon Pack

A combination of light and dark theme, Gel dark icon pack is compatible with majority of launchers. Also, it has more than 1600 icons in full HD.


Download Gel dark icon pack

Minimal icon packs

The icon packs in this category retain the default colors of the icon but slightly change the design, giving it a new look.

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Belle UI Icon Pack

With more than 1440+ custom icons to its credit, all the icons are polished and well designed. Again, compatible with all the major launchers, the icon pack is phenomenal.


Download Belle icon pack


Taking a cue from material design, the polycon icon pack consists of 800+ Vector icons. Also, the icon pack includes firebase integration and supports custom folder icons and custom app drawer icons.


Download Polycon icon pack

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Based on material design color palette, the icon pack consists of more than 1000 icons. Plus you will get color variants for some icons as well.


Download Candycons icon pack

Pineapple – Icon Pack

Although, still in beta, the icon pack has a great range of icons. With over 1000 icons, all in high definition, the icon pack also supports Android Nougat.


Download Pineapple icon pack

Round icon packs

Rondo – Icon Pack

A product of the famous icon packs developer, Benas Dzimidas, Rondo icon pack features circular icons. There are more than 3000+ icons in this pack, all available in the high definition resolution of 192×192.


Download Rondo icon pack

Revolution Icon Pack

The icons in this pack are round like a Pixel launcher and consist of 1500 icons. Moreover, the icon pack is compatible with Android Nougat 7.1 and also supports tablets.


Download revolution icon pack

Naxos flat round – Icon pack

Cute, simple and stylish are the three words that define Naxos flat round icon pack. With over more than 2000 icons in its basket, the icon pack also features 92 QHD wallpapers.

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Download Naxos flat round icon pack

Easy circle

This is a fantastic icon pack and the use of different colors as the background for different apps makes the icons look extremely good. With nearly 5000 icons and 330 wallpapers, the developers continue to accept your request for new icons.


Download Easy circle icon pack

Fluxo – Icon Pack

With a translucent circular background overlaid with the colored icon, Fluxo icon pack is a fantastic choice if you like round icons. The icon pack currently includes more than 2000 icons, 20 wallpapers, and an analog clock widget.


Download Fluxo icon pack

Square icon packs

As the name suggests, the icons in this category are square shaped.

Long Shadow Icon Pack

With a square background and a long shadow, the icons give enough information to know what the app represents. The icon pack comprises of 1500+ icons for over 3000 apps.

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Download Square icon pack

Easy Square – icon pack

Most of the icons in this pack have a colored square background with a white outlined icon. It has plenty of icons that amount to more than 4500 and that too in Full HD 144×144 resolution. Also, the icon pack features 330 flat wallpapers.


Download Easy Square icon pack

Voxel icon pack

Voxel icon pack also features a square shaped icon that takes the color of the original icon as its background and then overlays it with the white outline icon. This pack also comes with a plenty of icons, with the numbers as large as 3000+. Also, all the icons come in full HD resolution of 192×192.

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Download Voxel icon pack

Rounded square icon packs

Square and round icons fell in love, they had a baby named rounded square icon. That sums up the rounded square icons.

Elta – Icon Pack

From the developer of Voxel icon pack, comes another masterpiece, the Elta icon pack. Similar to the voxel pack, Elta also features an icon that takes the original icon color as its background and then overlays it with the white outline icon. The only difference between the two is that Voxel icon pack has square shaped icons whereas Elta has rounded corners.


Download Elta icon pack


Unlike Elta that just presents the background with round corner, Mond icon pack transforms the entire icon to a rounded corner, wherever possible. Updated frequently, the icon pack currently has 2000+ HD icons.


Download Mond icon pack


A new entry in the world of icon packs, Clix definitely amazes you. Regularly updated after every 4-7 days, Clix is a beautiful icon pack that has a bunch of wallpapers in addition to appealing rounded square icons.

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Download Clix icon pack

Rugos – Free Icon Pack

With a creased look and rounded corners, the app is slightly different from the rest. The icon pack has a wide range of choices and colors to choose from more than 1000 icons.


Download Rugos icon pack

Paid icon packs

Redox – Icon Pack

With over 2000+ icons under its hood, Redox icon pack features 256px icons supported on 2k screens as well. The icons are circular and bright in color. Moreover, there are many cool app drawer icons as well.


Download Redox icon pack

Color Gloss – Icon Pack

Multicolored lights paired with beautiful glass effect is the reason that sets this icon pack apart. With more than 1200 icons and cloud wallpapers, the icon pack is regularly updated.

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Download Color gloss icon pack

Tigad Pro Icon Pack

A beautifully crafted icon pack in 3D, Tigad icon pack features more than 8000 icons. Compatible with multiple launchers, the icons have a HD resolution of 192×192 px.


Download Tigan Pro icon pack


Fan of vintage effect? Well then, you must try this icon pack. Based on the vintage palette, the icon pack has more than 3500 icons under its banner.


Download Retrorika icon pack


Full of beautiful icons, Beluk icon pack comprises of more than 3500 icons. Vibrant colors teamed up with vivid icons and an added bonus of search feature makes the Beluk icon pack stand out.

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Download Beluk icon pack

Did you like the list curated by us? Was there anything, in particular, you picked up from this post? Any icon pack you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Vishal Giri

    really helpful article, tried some of this Icon packs and loved the Zeon Black and Elta – Icon Pack. looks great on my Zenfone max!!

  • Luka G

    I’m usual really big on stock android with no alterations but some of these icon packs look really nice, I’ll be sure to check them out. I definitely agree with @disqus_WavcJPQcp4:disqus on this one 🙂

  • Rishab Warrier

    Thanks for that article ,Really digging the Revolution,Polycon and Moonlight Icon packs

  • Tay

    The top ones from this list I like are
    Flight Lite – Minimalist Icons
    Flat White Icon Pack
    Lines Free – Icon Pack

  • Aditya Pradhan

    Wow, I never really tried any icon packs before, but they are surprisingly sleek.
    Loved the Polycon, Retrorika, Revolution and Candycons icon pack. Definitely recommended.

  • Ariska

    nice thema

  • This pretty much sums up the best ones available right now. I would like to add “adrasta” is anyone would like a rounded square icon pack with rich and eye popping colours and slick design

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