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The best Android games for kids [Age group-wise]

Mobile devices such as smartphones, phablets, and tablets used to be the thing for grown-ups due to the age-sensitive content found on many apps, but as the years go by developers have created kid-centric apps that let the children get their hands on various handsets as well. At present, there’s now a growing number of Android games for kids. It’s important to note, however, for parents that majority of the apps found on the Google Play Store are mature in content, so it’s worth keeping in mind a list of games that are intended for the young ones only.

In this article, we list some of the best Android games for kids of different age groups. Also, the ratings of the individual games are factored in when compiling the list, so without further ado, take a look at our list.

Android games for 1-5 years old

Kids aged 1 to 5 years are still in the formative stage of their life, so mobile games that can help to teach them the basics must be first and foremost in the minds of parents looking to entertain and educate them using mobile devices. Here are the best Android games for them.


Toddlers often dream about driving a LEGO DUPLO train, though their motor skills might not still be up to the challenge. Thankfully, LEGO Systems has developed an app catered to these young ones so they can virtually drive LEGO trains, load cargo, build bridges, ferry passengers, or lay new tracks.

Download LEGO DUPLO Train from Google Play

Android Apps for parents with a toddler

Toddler games collection app

For parents looking for an app to help their kids develop their basic skills such as hand-eye coordination, motor, logical thinking, and visual perception, this app is perfect for pre-k and kindergarten children. It features several games for counting, logic, shapes, colors, memory, and puzzles.

Download Toddler Games from Google Play

FunnyFood Kindergarten

Kids also need to learn the basics of colors and shapes, and how to best help them gain those skills, FunnyFood Kindergarten offers education and logic games for toddlers. The game teaches kids how to sort all of the food into different trucks, bake cookies of varying sizes and feed them to little animals, and more.

Download FunnyFood Kindergarten from Google Play

Educational Games for Kids

This game serves up eight educational games for toddlers, kindergarten kids, and preschoolers. Like the FunnyFood Kindergarten game, this one also teaches the shapes, numbers, letters, colors, and sounds to kids. The game is available in various languages such as English, Czech, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Download Educational Games for Kids from Google Play

Top kids drawing apps

Super ABC Learning

Studying the alphabet is more exciting with fun games, that is why Bini Bambini has developed a game for kids called Super ABC Learning. The game lets your kids play with letters and get familiar with the alphabet. Additionally, the game will help children learn how to pronounce letters and develop their reading skills.

Download Super ABC Learning from Google Play

Android games for 6-10 years old

For kids aged 6 to 10 years, the following Android games are designed for you.

Pet Bingo

Duck Duck Moose is a development studio that specializes in kids games, and one of its popular product is Pet Bingo. The game will help your kids learn and practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It also includes unique educational hints developed by educators to help kids understand various math concepts.

Download Pet Bingo from Google Play

Bubbu – My Virtual Pet

If your kids are fans of Talking Tom, they may also want to meet Bubbu, a virtual pet. Developed by Bubadu, Bubbu loves to be fed, dressed, cuddled and bathed, just like any other pet. The game also contains more than 30 fun mini-games that will offer your kids food or coins to buy items for their virtual cat.

Download Bubbu from Google Play

Doctor Kids 4

Kids who wish to play doctor might be delighted to get their hands on Doctor Kids 4, an Android game developed by Bubadu. It allows children to provide professional treatment and take care of their virtual patients. Cure various diseases such as chickenpox, allergies, stomach ache, low bone density, brain problems, and more with the game.

Download Doctor Kids 4 from Google Play

LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise

LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise is designed to allow your young ones to use their imagination in order to create their very own LEGO mini-figures like little cars, helicopters, and trucks virtually. They can also collect coins to unlock LEGO sets in the game. It’s important to note that these sets will become part of the game’s colorful 3D scenery for your kid’s next drive-through.

Download LEGO Juniors Create & Cruise from Google Play

Top kids movies

Toca Kitchen 2

The popular Toca Kitchen returns with new guests to cater to and more kitchen utensils to play with. This game for kids will let them experiment with new food combinations. It also lets your kids get creative while making a virtual mess.

Download Toca Kitchen 2 from Google Play

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