Best Android Apps for Gardening

Android Apps Gardening
Android Apps can get you simple yet amazing tips, methods and explanations regarding Gardening. Here is a list 6 best android apps for your garden.

If you’re looking for some tips for your garden, and are not shy of using the awesome smartphone tech, an android phone can help you a lot in planning and maintaining the greenest space in your house. Of the total 200,000 apps in the android market as of now, some of them are dedicated to help you in the garden, on the go.

We’ve listed out some android apps below which would provide you with important tips, tricks, methods and other cool stuff about the most green space in house. Next time you are there, just take your phone out and get some cool tips and info right there.

1. Garden Snob  [Free]

Garden-Snob1Get useful tips, cool tricks and awesome ideas about the the overall garden range of stuff. Know how you can keep your garden green at best and what’s essential for its continuous and healthy growing.

Tips cover ‘what to grow to get what food you want’ from a garden as also general gardening tips as to best time and methods and how-to.


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2. Gardener  [Free]

Gardener-Android-App1Gardener android app gets you details of plants and their characteristics. You can plan, schedule and update your plantations in a well build layout that would help you keep a good record of how’s your garden growing and what’s next in line. Details can be saved in notes, like: plant’s name, variety, plantation date, days remaining to harvest and other self-filled notes.


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3. Grow Journal  [Free]

Grow-Journal1It’s similar to the Gardener android app but includes additional features in the form of photo saving and icons, for which you need to shell out $2.00. You can save photos of your plants while the app’s got its own icons for each plant. It also shows pics of health stage of the given plant as also the medium. The app currently supports 150 plants while you can add more of your own. If you don’t feel good about spending $2.00 and need further convincing, try the demo version of the app, here.


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4. Vegetable Garden Guides  [.99]

This is yet another handy app for gardening which covers a range of vegetables and herbs — 90 items to be specific. Learn about growing, harvesting and make notes for efficient gardening. The app also lets you mark your favorite items for quick access. Costs $1.99, which seems worthy enough for improved UI and handy explanations.


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5. Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables  [Free]

If you’re planning a garden or thinking about planting new fruits and vegetables, this app would give you a quick view of the best fruits/vegetables for the coming seasons. It’s very limited at what it does, but still throws some important info in planning your garden’s collection for upcoming season(s).


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6. The Weather Channel  [Free]

The-Weather-Channel-Android-App1Before the nature’s any wrong doing spoils your all hard work in the much greener part of your house, put the safety measures in place well in advance by getting the weather forecast of the coming days in advance. Yes, it’s a weather app but it’s very useful in gardening, no?


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Okay, the above apps should come really handy but just to keep yourself motivated and ‘be reminded’ about gardening, check out these bonus units.

1. Flower Garden beta version  [Free]

Flower-Garden-beta-version-Android-App1Change your android phone’s home screen to a garden with beautiful flowers planted right there. Flowers will even grow in a steady manner. Every time you stumble upon your droid’s screen, the icon would remind you of your garden.


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2. Flowers Live Wallpaper  [

2. Flowers Live Wallpaper  [$0.99]


Flowers-Live-Wallpaper-Android-App1If you seriously love garden and wouldn’t mind spending $0.99, get the Flowers Live Wallpaper android app that will plant a flower of your choice right on your phone’s screen. Live wallpapers are already awesome and when you get it totally related to what you love most, it’s even more cool.


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3. Flowers Kidz  [Free]

Flower-Kidz-Android-App1If you want your kids to join in the beautiful garden developing process or at least want them to respect your work in garden, get this app, specially meant to help a child learn about flowers, which are indispensable part of any garden helping it look better.


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4. Green Tree  [Free]

Green-Tree-Android-App1Don’t want to spend $0.99 on “Flowers Live Wallpaper” above, what a free app which would plant a green tree as live wallpaper on your android phone’s screen. Feed water to the plant in timely manner and keep an eye on it since it will be growing all day on your screen. When you’re really busy, pause it so that you can resume its development alright.


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