10 Cool Android Apps to Help You in Kitchen!

Best Android Apps for Cooking

Here’s you list for Best Android Apps for Kitchen work. You really couldn’t guess how much your android phone can help you in Kitchen, too. You can manage to time your dishes perfectly while also select what to cook using the applications. Moreover, there’s a converter too, specifically for measurements you’d come across in Kitchen. You can even manage your shopping using an app. Okay, we know you’re eager to taste these delicious apps right now, so, just proceed to discover them, right below.

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QTimer-31_thumb QTimer-21_thumb QTimer-11_thumb

Help yourself while cooking food with QTimer android app. All you need to do is set the time in the easy to use scroll-wheel interface of the app and tap on start button. The app will run silently in the background with an icon in the notification bar, and will show a pop-up notification when the time is up. You can also set alarms from the most used alarms for quick use.

Download QTimer

Revathi Recipe

Revathi-Recipe-11 Revathi-Recipe-21

Revathi recipe provides recipes from South India. Already a hit, this recipe book gives you various kinds of recipes ranging from soup, main course to desserts. So what are you preparing today?

Download Revathi Recipe


my1Kitchen-3 my1Kitchen-2 my1Kitchen-1

myKitchen is here to help you with your everyday shopping. Forgot when you last brought bread? Worry not, just relax and let myKitchen keep track of things for you. It helps to create a shopping list and you can even tick off things you have already bought in that list. Further, it also gives you the option of sending this shopping list as a text message or email.

Download myKitchen

Recipe Calculator

Recipe-Calculator-21_thumb Recipe-Calculator-11_thumb

Now this app is something I have completely fallen in love with. It is actually a very easy to use recipe portion calculator. If a recipe is for 6 and you need 8 portions then this app will tell you the right amount of ingredient for you. Just type the original and required number of service and you will have your answer.

Download Recipe Calculator

Healthy Recipe

Healthy-Recipes-SparkRecipes-21 Healthy-Recipes-SparkRecipes-11

Watching your weight? Well, then this is a perfect application for you. Get all the healthy food recipes that you can cook at home through Healthy Recipe. You can choose which course you want, your cuisine and even your dietary needs. The coolest part about this app is that it not only gives you recipes but at the same time provides all the nutritional information of the recipe too.

Download Healthy Recipe

Kitchen Timer

Kitchen-Timer-21_thumb Kitchen-Timer-11

Kitchen Timer is a simple timer to help you time your cooking perfectly. All you need to do is go to the MENU key and enter settings and presets. Also you get three timers on one screen which, indeed, is very helpful. It works with all Android versions of android. As simple as that…

Download Kitchen Timer

Campbell’s Kitchen

Campbells-Kitchen-31 Campbells-Kitchen-21 Campbells-Kitchen-11

Ever made Cheesy Chicken Enchiladas Verde which takes just about 35 minutes? No, then try it out with the help of Campbell’s Kitchen. This app has thousands of delicious and nutritious recipes to choose from and also gives helpful suggestion via quick idea shaker. You can find recipes by using keywords or simply browsing through the recipes. Further this app also gives you the option of saving  and organizing recipes in your recipe book.

Download Campbell’s Kitchen

Kitchen Measures

Kitchen-Measures-21 Kitchen-Measures-11_thumb

Kitchen measures is all about relationships, I mean kitchen relationships! This app will help you to know how much fluid ounce is in a cup or how many quarts are in a galleon. Kitchen Measure also provides useful cooking information like definition of cooking terms and some rather interesting cooking tips.

Download Kitchen Measures

Digital Recipe Sidekick

Digital-Recipe-Sidekick-21 Digital-Recipe-Sidekick-11

This app will provide you with various recipes (from allrecipes.com) and also give you the option of creating your own recipes, which you can export as file & share via e-mail. The app reads the recipe ingredients & steps, keeps track of current step, and gives you hands free control with voice command feature.. awesome isn’t it?

Download Digital Recipe Sidekick

Recipe Convert Free

Recipe-Convert-Free-31 Recipe-Convert-Free-21 Recipe-Convert-Free-11_thumb

Recipe Convert Free helps  to convert volume and weight measurement in recipes. For example you can ask for conversion from grams to cups. This is a app which is very simple to use and it also makes altering recipes easier.

Download Recipe Convert Free

That is it about the Kitchen apps, we’ll be bringing more such round-up articles on a daily basis, so be sure to check back with us. Also, let us know what sorts of apps you’re looking for, we’ll be glad to help! And while you’re here, check out some daily top android apps.

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