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BBM update brings Quick Reply for Nougat among many other new features

Following the release of its Privacy Shade App, BlackBerry has now updated its infamous BBM-BlackBerry Messenger app- with the most noticeable update being its implementation of Quick Reply feature for Nougat running devices.

BlackBerry prides itself with its closed-source, secure services and the BBM is a prime example of the same. While the inclusion of voice and video calls, stickers, small in app games, news, and vouchers isn’t exactly revolutionary, the privacy features in BBM are certainly exemplary.

The latest update, besides the quick reply feature, includes ability to reduce spam messages, updated icons for BBM’s voice and video calls, introduction of ‘Me’ and ‘Discover’ screens into the main navigation menu.

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Furthermore, BBM now combines Groups and Group Management features into the your main chat screen and unifies all your chat conversations in a single place. The app also includes miscellaneous bug fixes and optimizations.

The app may not have a large user base like its contemporaries but BlackBerry has a very loyal user base and its BBM app may very well be the most iconic app developed by the company. Download the BBM app from down below and find out what makes the app so special.

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