AZ Camera app supports Camera2 API for RAW images (DNG), manual shutter speed, etc.

If your are rocking an Android phone capable of manual camera photography — LG G4 has already made its name for this — and want a camera app other than the one that came pre-installed with your device, well, check out AZ Camera android app. It supports all the features you would want to use in manual mode of your phone’s camera.

Not only could you easily save your shots in RAW format (DNG), but you gain the ability to set the focus, shutter speed, ISO, white light, exposure, etc. manually. The app is winning many hearts, of users who of course own a manual photography capable device, which are limited for now.

Via Android 5.1.1 update, some Samsung Galaxy S6 devices has already got this feature, while Nexus is also supported by the app. Nexus 6’s support is only partial.

If you rock any of these devices, do give the app a try, it’s extra features and nice UI should make it one of your favorite apps.

Download AZ Camera – Manual Pro Cam

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