AT&T Galaxy Note 8 deals: $250 off, available on eBay for just $700

AT&T Galaxy Note 8 deal

Note: Please check the bottom of the post for latest deal. Original article below.

There is a sweet deal going on at on the Galaxy Note 8, which is right now available for just $765 (was 800 when we reported it first time). This is an AT&T locked variant BTW, so not much of use if you’re not an AT&T user.

AT&T is selling the the Note 8 for $950 without-contract, so here’s straight $185 cash discount for you.

The Galaxy Note 8 packs in Samsung’s infinity display at size of 6.3-inch, and is powered by current-gen best, the Snapdragon 835 processor. It also sports a 12MP dual camera at back, which is among the best in business, but Pixel 2 about to touch upon us, that claim may be rendered meaningless by Google’s latest smartphone.

The Galaxy Note 8 comes with Android 7.1.1 OS pre-installed, and is a solid contender to receive Oreo update from Samsung. We expect the company to roll out its Oreo update for the Galaxy S8 sets first, probably a public-beta version next month as the update is already said to reach beta testing stage within Samsung offices, but one the S8 is done with Oreo rollout, it should be Galaxy Note 8 that will be served the Oreo OTA. You can check out our Oreo update coverage here, where we have provided all news and expected release for various devices.

Buy AT&T Note 8 for $765 ($185 off)

October 05, 2017: On, you get one for $749. It comes with unlock code, and one you have unlocked the device, it can be used on any GSM network world over. including US networks: AT&T, T-Mobile, Cricket, etc.

October 03, 2017: An even sweeter deal is available on for AT&T Galaxy Note 8. You can grab the device for as low as $700 right now. Check the link below. The seller isn’t a big oe, but seems trust-able.

→ Buy AT&T Note 8 for $700 ($250 off)

September 26, 2017: The article was edited to reflect revised price of the deal, as the device was listed for $800 initially, while not it’s selling at $765.

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