AT&T Galaxy Note 4 gets new update OC5, not 5.1 yet!

AT&T is rolling out a new OTA update for its Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910A), and while you and us were hoping for 5.1.1, that’s not the case. At least for now, as we have good reason to believe that Android 5.1 update could drop anytime now for Note 4 sets.

The update size is 142 MB as per official word, but a user has already reported a 160 MB download on his AT&T Galaxy Note 4. The update is based on Android 5.0.1, and the build no. of the new update is N910AUCU2COC5, or OC5 in short.

If your AT&T Note 4 is rooted and you want to retain root, do not install the update. It’s not bad to let this update pass, but this update could turn out to be the base for anticipated 5.1 update. So if you are not concerned about root access, and would want your device to be ready for Android 5.1 OTA as and when it arrives, sure go ahead and install the OC5 update now.

The official changelog of OC5 update confirms that it brings the ‘Find my mobile’ and ‘Reactivation lock’ security measures to the AT&T Note 4, apart from very general and companion to every major and minor update, Android OS security enhancements.

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    I already had the find my mobile and reactivation lock on my AT&T Note 4 before OC5. I’m also thinking the 5.1.1 update won’t arrive soon at all for US customers. European launches are much faster than the US. US carriers are terrible at getting updates out, most of all AT&T by far.