AT&T and Sprint LG G5 to receive light sensor bug fixer update soon, confirm LG USA!

LG US Twitter handle has confirmed that the issue with light sensor is being fixed via an update for LG G5 users, and while the said update is already available for other LG G5 variants, sets at AT&T and Sprint are yet to see it. This is a major issue with Sprint G5 and AT&T G5 as because of this, both essential features — Auto Brightness and Front Facing Camera — couldn’t work as they should.

Above is what LG USA replied to a certain user who asked about the update’s release date.

It looks like the issue is not with LG, but it’s the carriers that aren’t playing nicely. As is the case usually, unlocked devices receive updates — whether Android OS version upgrade or security or bug patcher ones — way earlier than their locked devices at AT&T, Sprint and Verizon.

Let’s hope both AT&T and Sprint act swiftly over this as it’s already well-known that such an update exists for good, only that carriers are acting passively over this. Wake up, AT&T and Sprint!

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