AT&T 5G launching this year in US

When it comes to internet technology, the world is travelling at a lightning speed. There are many out there who are still grappling with the 3G to 4G transition and may not even own a 4G handset yet, and here we were looking at the launch of 5G soon. PHEW! At this rate, tech is sure to put you out of breath. The American telecom conglomerate AT&T will be launching 5G wireless network this year itself, in the later half. To start with, they have zeroed in on two cities, Austin and Indianapolis.

The AT&T’s 5G roll out will gradually cover 75 percent of the network by 2020. Nicknamed Indigo, it is part of a larger network platform upgrade emphasizing on software-shaped networking and leaning on machine learning technologies.

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The company has already set the standards by promising to deliver peak speeds of 400Mbps and even 1Gbps by working on carrier aggregation and other techniques. They are even open-sourcing the code for its network’s orchestration platform, ECOMP.

Well, don’t get excited just yet. All this hullabaloo about 5G revolution stands no chance of benefiting the common users till hardware choices are expanded, giving you the freedom to buy a 5G phone of your choice among many options. Until that happens, which we don’t see coming very soon as there’s still no 5G standard, you need to remain satisfied with the available 4G services.

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