Asus ZenFone 6: Specs, Release date, Rumors, and more

Asus ZenFone 6

Asus announced the current-gen ZenFone 5 series at the MWC 2018. With the 2019 version of this annual event fast approaching, it makes sense that details of the ZenFone 6 are beginning to show up.

The company hasn’t given any indication that it isn’t working on a ZenFone 5 successor and neither has it confirmed that a certain ZenFone 6 is in the works. What we have in this post is mostly based on leaked materials, rumors, and speculations in regards to what the masses expect come MWC 2019.

Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

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Design and specs

Much about the design and specs of ZenFone 6 is still in the shadows, however, we have seen some images doing rounds claiming to be this handset. If these images are to be believed, the device will sport one strange design that features an Essential Phone-like notch only that it has been pushed towards the right-hand side of the screen. Of course, the notch is home to the front camera and it seems the earpiece and other sensors have been moved to the nearly non-existent top bezel.

Why Asus would opt for such a hideous design is still beyond comprehension, but at least this should leave enough room for the notification icons. When put side by side, the alleged ZenFone 6 looks way bigger than the ZenFone 5Z, but we still don’t know the screen size and display resolution.

BTW, apart from the weird placement of the notch, the ZenFone 6 looks just about like any other phone. The glass build is there, a USB Type-C port for charging and data transfer, a 3.5mm audio jack, a bottom-firing speaker, power and volume rockers to the right, and so on. We also expect things like a next-gen Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, probably SDM855, and at least 4GB RAM and 64GB of expandable storage.

Camera and software

The back of the phone still features a dual-lens camera, but this one is in the middle of the device and not on the side. Right below the camera setup is something like a fingerprint scanner, although we are not sure about this. Still, the leaked images do reveal that besides the typical scanner, the ZenFone 6 will also support face unlock for authentication purposes.

Speaking of which, the front camera should be used for face unlock, meaning you still won’t get iPhone X-like 3D facial recognition. As for the software, expect Android 9 Pie to run the show out of the box, as was the case for the ZenFone 5 family that runs Oreo on booting up.

ZenFone 6 price and release date

As mentioned earlier, the ZenFone 5 family was announced at the MWC 2018 event. The 2019 edition will be held somewhere in Feb-March 2019, which is when we expect the ZenFone 6 to be announced. Of course, there is still no way to guarantee this.

As for the pricing, we still expect a modest figure from Asus, although we won’t be surprised if it’s a notch higher than the $500 launch price of the ZenFone 5Z.


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