Asus Zenfone 2 receiving OTA update, v2.18.40.12 for ZE551ML while v2.18.40.7 for ZE550ML

It seems two models of Asus Zenfone 2 — company’s 2015 flagship — are receiving OTA updates today. Model no. ZE551ML (region code WW) will see its software version upgraded to v2.18.40.12, while another Zenfone 2 set, model no. ZE550ML (region code WW) will beaming with software version Currently, both models run software version 2.17.xx.x.

The update seems massive, adding/fixing in total of 36 changes, but there isn’t any Android version upgrade obviously.

Here’s a full changelog of the v2.18.xx.x update to both models of Asus Zenfone 2.

  1. Use Google Search Widget on Default Home Screen (WW SKU)
  2. Improve Calendar App stability
  3. Fix Calling screen flow issue when make calls by both SIM1 and SIM2
  4. Improve Telephony stability
  5. Fix the Do not disturb mode issue that “Allow only priority interruption” would be back to default settings after reboot
  6. Fix MyASUS stability issue
  7. ASUS Power Saver:
    • Provide variety of power saving mode for users to choose
    • Auto change to Ultra saving mode when low battery
    • Add Auto switch mode
  8. Add YahooAuction (TWSKU)
  9. Fixed 3rd party app issue.
  10. Return OK when setting parameters during picture encoding.
  11. Do not vibrate when android mode is incall.
  12. Update FW
  13. Fixed video gamma incorrect.
  14. Improve the image quality.
  15. Improve service stability
  16. Improve modem stability from crash
  17. Improve signal bar stability
  18. Force output to be primary output when using BT_SCO.
  19. Fixed system will reboot when connecting to VPN
  20. Increase multiPartition Number to 256
  21. Fix Download yahoo mail attachment issue when using ASUS Browser
  22. Fix several Browser issues
  23. Optimize Miracast connection UX flow
  24. Fix the issues of wallpaper installation failure through Dropbox
  25. Improve Music App stability
  26. Fix several issues in Settings
  27. ASUS Support UI improvement
  28. Improve Sound recorder stability
  29. System UI: Improve the SIM icon in system UI after FOTA MR6
  30. Increase 3dB gain for receiver.
  31. Improve Flip Cover function
  32. Using HW encode for 4G SKU.
  33. Correction privacy mode can not start a single hand mode
  34. Fixed difficult to lift the screen fixed function
  35. Fixed SIM settings issue
  36. Fixed browser unusual problem
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