Asus confirms Zenfone 2 release date for India

“The much vaunted “Zenfone 2″ from Asus, will be released in India in the second quarter of 2015” Confirmed a company executive at the EeeBook X205 launch event. The 4GB, 64-bit device that runs on a 2.3 gHz intel atom super quad-core processor will be followed shortly by “Zenfone Zoom” which is expected to hit the market in the third quarter.

However, while this news is sure to delight Asus fans, they might just be a little disappointed to know that Asus is planning to postpone the launch of the ZenWatch.


According to Peter Chang who heads Asus India, the leather banded  ZenWatch — instead of quarter 1 — will now have to wait until after the launch of the Zenfone 2, Zenfone Zoom and the Windows 8.1 based ZenBooks.

Source: GsmArena