Asus Announces ZenFlash Xenon Flash and LolliFlash Dual Tone Flash Accessories

asus zenflash

Previously, we have seen a few smartphones featuring xenon flash at their back supplementing their main snappers instead of a LED flash. But, this trend slowed down for some unknown reasons. Now, Asus appears to be in plans to bring back the same by coming up with an option to add xenon flash to one of its Android smartphones.

On the sidelines of the ZenFone 2 launch in Taiwan, Asus came up with a surprise announcement, the ZenFlash. It is nothing but a xenon flash dongle that can connect to the device via USB OTG. This can be stuck to the back of your smartphone and it can render up to 400 times stronger flash than usual LED flash.

Other details of this xenon flash accessory remain unknown as it is in the early days. We are yet to receive confirmation from Asus regarding the ZenFlash and its compatibility with Android devices that are made by other manufacturers.


That’s not all! Asus did come up with another surprise announcement as well and that is the circular LolliFlash. This is a basic dual tone LED torch with a battery to power it up. This can be plugged to any smartphone via the headphone hack. The main purpose of this accessory is to help users in capturing better self portrait shots even in low light conditions.

The LolliFlash comes in three color filters – red, blue and yellow. Apart from serving as a dual tone LED flash, this one also doubles as a protective cover for the smartphone. There is no detail regarding the commercial availability of this accessory as well and we need to wait until Asus announces a word regarding their pricing and release information.

Source: Engadget

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