Artillery Strike: A Simple and Action Packed Turn-by-turn Game with Beautiful 2D Graphics

AMA Ltd. (Advanced Mobile Applications) announced their war-themed multi player game, Artillery Strike which is a strategic warfare game which will bring back the memories of the famous Battleship game with a better graphics performance.

The game depicts the player as the Commanding Officer of an Artillery during World War 2. You are to protect Mother Russia from German war machines. You can choose from a whole lot of tanks and vehicles from the menu to play the game.

The player has to place their vehicles in a grid like war field where you have to destroy your opponent’s tanks before he takes up on you. You can also chose your ammo for the fight. There are plenty of missions that makes you addictive to the game. The game is all about strategy and sharp reflexes.

Turn based asynchronous play is one of the best features of the game where you can challenge up to 5  players in your Google friends list or some random players from around the world.

Once all the slots are used you have to wait for 20 minutes to recharge the slot which is a bit of down side for the game. How ever you can recharge all the slots instantly if you are willing to pay 0.98$ and you also get a 250 coin bonus which can be used to upgrade your ammo.

Features of Artillery Strike in very brief:
  • Turn-based game: fight on several fronts whenever you want.
  • Asynchronous game play: Challenge 5 players at the same time.
  • About 60 missions to play.
  • Enjoy beautiful 2D graphics.
  • Intuitive and simple game-play.
  • Adapt your ammunition to your strategy.
  • Use your different skills wisely (reveal positions, destroy).
  • Claim daily rewards.
  • Progress up the military ranks and enhance your arsenal.
  • View your game statistics and share them via the social features.

The official teaser of the game has been launched by the AMA to give a sneak peak of the game.

artillery-strike-screenies1 artillery-strike-screenies2

The game is free to download from the play store but you can expect a few in-game purchases to upgrade your vehicles and ammo and to play endlessly without any wait.

Our Rating of the Game: 4.5/5.0

Graphics – 4.5
Gameplay – 5.0

[*Rating is not an average of above.]

GAME PRICE: FREE (with in-app purchases)


Tell us your view and rating of the game. And suggestions, if any.