[APK] YouTube updated to v5.16.3, but sadly there’s no sign of Material design yet

Alright, it’s another update from the search giant for its yet another service, YouTube. Google has been raining app updates on us since Wednesday morning and it still doesn’t seem to stop. The YouTube app just got updated on the Play store, and now stands at v5.16.3.

The last update that YouTube received was v5.14.5, so this update that released today (v5.16.3) is significantly ahead in terms of version numbers. However, there aren’t any significant changes that we could spot as new in the update. There isn’t even any Material design element, which we so expected given all the Material design app updates Google is pushing since Wednesday.

So we’re going to take this update as a bug fixer and maybe a preparation for the Material design update which Google should release soon for YouTube as we’re only 2 days away from the launch of Nexus 9 (first Android 5.0 device) on Monday.

Anyway, the v5.16.3 is the latest update for YouTube, and there’s never a reason to not update a Google app to the latest and greatest (even when there are no visible changes, yeah!). The YouTube update is gradually rolling out via Play Store, but if you’d like to install it now, just grab the apk file from the download links below and install it normally like you’d install any other apk file on your Android device.

 icon-download Download YouTube APK v5.16.3

For help, check out our instructions page → How to Install APK Files on Android.

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