[APK] WhatsApp Update Brings Photo Captions and New Media Gallery

It’s very rare that WhatsApp receives an update with significant changes on Android, so much rare that it annoys to me to see no changes in an app that I (and almost everyone around me) uses day and night. When Facebook purchased the messaging service, we hoped for some UI overhaul or more features to the app but it has been almost 8 months now and nothing much has changed yet. However, it looks like we’re getting somewhere now with this latest update to WhatsApp for Android that brings Photo & Video captions and a new Media Gallery to the messenger.

A similar update rolled for the iOS version of WhatsApp a few days earlier, which brought Photo captions, some other useful features and also leaked some info on Voice calling coming to WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Photo and Video Captions


This latest update to WhatsApp for Android adds captions support for Photos and Videos and also options to crop or rotate photos before sharing. It’s no wonder that the folks at WhatsApp like to keep things as minimal as possible. The service only has things that are most needful for users. People use WhatsApp to share photos and videos as much as they use it for messaging, so the company could have added fancy photo filters like Instagram and Twitter, but it seems the messaging service only aims to be needful not feature packed.

The update also comes with a a new media Gallery for the app, which is more neat than the previous one and it also shows captions for photos and videos inside WhatsApp’s own gallery.


This latest update to WhatsApp (v2.11.393) is yet to hit Play Store, but you can get the APK file of the update from the download link below.

 icon-download Download WhatsApp APK v2.11.393

Download the WhatsApp APK from the link below and install it normally like you’d install any other APK file on your Android phone. If you need help with installing APK files, check out our page on → How to Install APK files on Android.

WhatsApp APK v2.11.393 → DOWNLOAD LINK.

 icon-bell-o UPDATE: Looks like we missed out on some of the recent WhatsApp beta updates. The image captions has been in WhatsApp beta since version 2.11.386 which was released a week ago. Thanks to Chris for pointing out that.

Anyway, this 2.11.393 is the latest and greatest from WhatsApp and it includes the above said feature, so it’s still cool to install it.

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  • Chris

    This is an old update. Delete this news The Android Soul. This update is live in beta 10 days ago. -_-

    • Well, apologies for the inaccurate reporting. The post is now updated with the correct info.