[APK] Microsoft Health released on Play Store, a Google Fit Competitor

Only a day before yesterday Google released its fitness tracking app, Google Fit. And now, in competition to that Microsoft has released a similar app on the Play store, Microsoft Health. The app tracks your sleep quality, heart rate, steps and calorie burn throughout the day.

Microsoft Health app works/collects your fitness data with the help of Microsoft Band, a wearable fitness tracking device from Microsoft. The band provides 24-hour heart rate monitoring to the app along with other stuff like steps walked in a day, calories burned, etc with statistics display for a single day and or entire week.

The app’s UI is neat, although not Material designed but it’s flat colored; much like the Windows Phone user interface apps.

Microsoft Health isn’t available for everyone yet, the app seems to be available in selected regions only at this time. Also, it isn’t of any use if you don’t have a Microsoft Band with you. But anyway, if you wish to install it on your device, just grab the apk file from the download link below.

 icon-download Download Microsoft Health APK 1.3.1021.3

Download and install the Microsoft Health apk normally like you’d install any other apk file. For help, check out our instructions page → How to Install APK Files on Android.

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