[APK] Facebook launches a data efficient app for developing countires, Facebook Lite

Despite Facebook’s efforts through all these years, for making its Android app work faster, users still complain of its sluggish performance. So Facebook is now turning to a different approach and has launched a Lite version of its official Facebook app, that, according to the social network, will run smooth and be data efficient.

Facebook is bringing this Lite version to developing countries first as Internet connection in these countries isn’t very good. Here’s is the list countries: Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria, South Africa, Sudan, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and Zimbabwe. If you happen to live in one these countries, you can just head over to the Play Store link here to download the app. For the rest of us, the download link for Facebook Lite APK is below.

 icon-download Download Facebook Lite APK (252 KB)

The Facebook Lite app cuts down of resource heavy parts of the original app, like animations and heavy tasks to make the app work faster. However, in our 3 minutes with the app, the performance turned out to be very poor. The app stutters while scrolling and (basically) at everything else as well.

It seems Facebook has only looked to make the app data efficient for the developing countries, the performance of the app is still to be taken care of and we wish it gets resolved very soon.

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