[APK] Enable Experimental Google Now Cards with Unleash The Google App

Google Now is becoming widely popular with its intuitive design and wide range of functionality it provides to the user. Those of you who are using the Google Now already on your Smart device, you must have came across the Google Now cards. Google provides snippets of information in the form of Google Now cards which provide information based on your Google searches and third-party app data. Recently, we’ve seen that Google introduced new Google Now card called Google Flight Price Monitor which provide the changes in the flight charges relevant to your searches in Google Flights service.

Google is constantly introducing such innovative Google Now cards which makes the Android experience exciting than ever. However, it looks like a developer named Zhuowei Zhang was too impatient to wait for the next Google Now card, so he waived his magic to develop an app called Unleash the Google which will enable a panel in the Google Search setting menu that unlocks all the experimental Google Now cards and raw API’s in your device. Sounds interesting, right? But the catch is that the app requires Root permission, so you need to be rooted before using this app. But we feel that’s a negligible sacrifice.

Once the app is installed, you have restart the Google Now service to apply the changes. After the service restart, open the Settings menu where you’ll find the Internal API cards which are the experimental Google Now cards which are yet to be released. You can also see the Flight Price Monitor in the list which recently saw the day light. Along with it, you can also see Artworks Nearby, which is another Nearby service that will show the list of art galleries in the nearby places. Election information is another Card which might be related to the snippets for the upcoming US elections.

The app is not limited to these cards, it also unleashes a bulk load of other raw API actions which are incorporated in the Google Now. These are embedded into the cards to offer the functionality as you’re seeing on the front end. For instance, tapping the Start Video Call API will trigger a video call request to your friend. These are the raw API’s which can be used to make some exciting Google Now cards and are very valuable to the Android enthusiasts like us.


You can download Unleash The Google APK from the download link provided below and you can also check the source code from the GitHub repository link.

  Download Unleash The Google

Check the GitHub repository for source code: Click Here

Via AndroidPolice