Any App Can Use Google’s Safe Browsing API to Stay Protected


Chrome uses a malware blocking technology that will warn you when you are visiting a website that is not safe. This technology is targeted to protect you from such harmful websites. In an attempt to extend its safety precautions, the search giant has come up with the Safe Browsing API that allows developers include protective techniques into applications.

This new API is meant for applications that use built-in web browsers that can link to unwanted downloads. The Safe Browsing API developers warn the users before they head on to the links that are infected with malware and also prevent the users from posting links to phishing pages of a website. In addition, the new API allows for automatic checking via the Google’s suspected phishing and malware software pages and this facilitates quick results.


This new feature from Google might soon be made available and we can see applications supporting this feature. The precautions will be made available for those who want to provide more protection to their users.

Google claims that besides updating the malware and phishing data constantly, the unwanted software data is now available publicly for developers to integrate them into their security measures. Any application that prefers users’ safety on websites that lead to misleading software can use the API from Google.

Source: Google