Another Galaxy S8 Oreo beta rolling out in the US as ZRAE build

Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo

Over the recent weeks, we’ve seen several reports suggesting that the Samsung Galaxy S8 Oreo update will be ready for release before the end of this month.

At the time, the Galaxy Beta Program seemed destined to end on January 15th, but a few days later, the company seemingly made a U turn and extended the program for a couple more days. Samsung was categorically clear that following the end of the Beta Program on January 17th, there will be no more beta releases, however, the latest development says otherwise.

Apparently, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ users in the U.S. have a new software update. Rather than install the latest stable version of Android Oreo, the update is coming in with yet another beta build with firmware version ZRAE and is dated January 19th. At this point, it’s a bit confusing from Samsung. No one really knows when the Galaxy S8 Oreo update will hit the stable channel, but given the company is still rolling out beta updates, the wait might be longer than initially thought.

As per the changelog, this is the 7th Oreo beta for the Galaxy S8 and S8+ in the U.S. and with it comes a myriad of bug fixes from the previous software update. The failing Camera app has been fixed, the crashing Samsung Experience has also been fixed, there are no more battery drain issues, and so on. You can check out the screenshot below for more of what’s new in the latest Oreo beta update.

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