Android TV in Plans for Next Google I/O?

Reports have appeared suggesting Google is all set to announce Android TV, as soon as next Google I/O, scheduled for June 25.

The main reason behind Android TV, despite the Google TV already in market, is said to be more focus on Android gaming, and — inspired by success of Chromecast — online content.

Enters PANO!

Pano is a new feature or UI, that does the most of the job on Android TV. With Pano, users will be able to surf all/favorite channels in cards like view, so that one has an instant view on what’s available on web, and can be surfed horizontally.

Pano aims at playing titles — movies and TV shows — instantly rather than requiring users to open the publisher apps first. It’s your ‘what’s available’ feed that would play the content right away in one click.

We’ll know more about it soon when the Google I/O takes place beginning June 25, where we are also expecting new Android OS, version 4.4.3 or 4.5.

Source GigaOM; Via 9to5Google

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