Android TV App Selection to Increase with HBO Now, Twitch and More

android tv app

Till date, there have not been many reasons to care about the Android TV. Google’s devices such as Nexus Player have suffered a lot in comparison to Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV due to the scarcity of applications.

It seems like Google is not giving up on Android TV as it has come up with an announcement regarding the same at the Google I/O conference. Though Android TV has not got much love from the leading content providers until now, the situation is all set to change in the coming months.

Android TV will get applications for HBO Now, HBO Go, CBS Sports, CBS News, CNET, Fox Sports, Fox Now, Epix, Fox News, Buzzfeed Video, USA Today, UFC, Qello, Vimeo, Twitch and Vudu. These applications are not available on Android TV right now and some can be streamed to Android TV via Chromecast.


As of now, the precise dates of when these new apps will be available for Android TV remain unknown. The digital only HBO Now app will be made available sometime this summer.

Earlier, the firm only listed a selection of applications in the Play Store and it was possible to find them by searching and this made the catalog smaller than it was. With a Play Store update, it will be easier to discover these apps that were not listed in the past.

Source: NDIVIA Blog, Google+