Android Q feature: Turning on Battery Saver enables Dark Mode automatically

Android Q battery saver dark mode

With the release of Android Q beta today, we are able to check out the next version of Android — probably Android 10 — in flesh now on our Pixel handsets.

One cool feature on Android Q just caught our attention.

If you turn on Battery saver on Android Q, the system automatically changes the theme to Dark Mode. The system doesn’t give you an option to choose the dark mode, so it basically forces you to use a dark theme on your Android Q device if you turn on battery saver.

Naturally, this is a smart move from System, although it may not be pleasing for everyone, especially who have a thing for visuals and can’t bear the dark UI (not everyone’s same).

In keeping up with the smartness, the system does change back to your default light theme when you plug in the device.


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