Android Pay Root fix solves “Android pay cannot be used” error

If you are trying to use Android pay app while also donning root for your Superuser needs, then you have probably already run into the title-mentioned error “Android pay cannot be used”. Well, there is a fix available make Android pay work with while keeping root access on a device, that allows you to add cards easily too.

To use Android Pay and root together, SuperSU app is plenty helpful. Try the fix below that uses the app, and let us know how it works for you.

Android Pay Root Fix

Required? make sure your Android Pay app and Google Play services app is updated to latest version.

Also, it helps when you stock firmware installed, and not a custom ROM.

Step 1: Open the SuperSU app form app drawer. If you have root but not SuperSU app, then you install the SuperSU app from play store.

Disabling root is crucial for this.

Step 2: Go to Settings, un-tick the ‘Enable Superuser’ checkbox to disable root.

Step 3: Open the Android Pay and try adding cards now. Follow the instructions and provide security code when the need be.

You should be able to add cards now. And shouldn’t be facing the error “Android pay cannot be used”.

Step 4: Once you have added cards, you can enable root access back. Go to SuperSU app, and tick the ‘Enable Superuser’ checkbox.

Let us know if it doesn’t works for you.

BTW, if you have the Google Wallet app, then it may block or interfere with Android Pay’s functioning. In that case, wait for Google wallet to receive an update that will make it easy with Android Pay.


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  • leolson

    Unfortunately, this is not working for me on my Moto X DE.

    • Krishna

      It is working for some, and not working for others. You got unlucky here.

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