Android Oreo rolling out for unlocked HTC U11 Life sets in the US today

unlocked htc u11 life Oreo

HTC began pushing out Oreo to U11 users across Europe and the US few days ago, and today they are expanding it to other handsets. HTC’s guy-fot-this, Mo Versi, announced on Twitter that they looking to bring Oreo to U11 Life users in the US.

The Android 8.0 OTA would roll out for unlocked variant of u11 Life only, so if you bought it via carrier, you are not up for it yet. Oh BTW, the U11 Life is also available in Europe, where it’s been launched with Oreo only, so of course, this update is not meant for any sets outside the US.

We don’t have info on the software version of the U11 Life Oreo yet, but the love HTC is showing to device — the U Ultra and U Play are yet to receive 8.0, you know! — is pretty good. In our books, the U11 Life is one of the best phones that doesn’t break your while looking awesome, and now that it’s got Oreo love from HTC, it’s a bit even more better now than the other devices in its range.

We will fill you in with more info once we get them, so do check back later on.

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