Download Oreo Gapps: ARM and ARM64 packages in Pico, Nano and Micro sizes now available

Google has finally taken wraps off the much awaited Android O update which had been under testing for quite a few months as developer preview builds. The update which comes as Android version 8.0 has been named Oreo and is already available for download for Pixel and compatible Nexus devices.

With the official release, Google has also pushed source code for Android 8.0 to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). This helps developers to build and test Android apps based on the latest and new APIs introduced in Android Oreo update. But what this also enables is letting developers build AOSP based custom ROMs for a variety of Android devices that come with/or are allowed by the manufacturers to be bootloader unlockable.

‘Android Oreo 8.0 update: When will your device get it’

With the Android 8.0 source code being pushed to AOSP, it’s only a matter of time before Android Oreo based AOSP ROMs start popping around for popular devices all over the internet. And the thing with AOSP based ROM(s) is that they don’t come with Google services pre-built. Meaning you won’t be able to use Google Play Store and Google Play Services unless you install/flash an Oreo supported Gapps package.

The first Android 8.0 based custom ROMs have started to show up for a few devices as Google finished merging Android 8.0 source code into AOSP. While more reputed sources for Gapps like OpenGapps, Dynamic Gapps and others are yet to release Android Oreo Gapps packages, developer frap129 over at XDA has provided an unofficial OpenGapps Oreo Gapps package for ARM and ARM64 devices. Get them from the downloads section below:

Download Oreo Gapps

Unofficial OpenGapps packages for Android Oreo:

We’ll update this post with links to official OpenGapps and Dynamic Gapps packages once available. Stay tuned..

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