What is Android One Program?

Android Smartphones have gained a huge market share all around the world but many experts doubt the supremacy of Android due to some very common problems, one of which is software updates.

Android manufacturers set aside their old devices in favour of new launches and the update is either delayed or cancelled, while Apple only manufactures iPhone and iPad which runs on their own iOS and updates to these devices is seeded the same day, even though they push half-baked updates completely skipping on the major new features, at-least they update.

In order to handle the update situation, Google launched Nexus lineup and then Google Play edition devices but all these targeted high end segment. Now Google is ready to take a leap with Android One which it believes will bring 1 billion more users on table from developing and emerging markets.


Android One is basically a reference hardware i.e Google decides a set of hardware specification and manufacturer can add their add-ons and  change design but not internal hardware just like Microsoft does with Windows Phone. With Android One certification manufacturer won’t have to do anything as Google will directly seed the update to all compatible devices.

One more interesting point is the cost effectiveness of Android One devices while first Android One handset which is built by Micromax is expected to be sub $100 (₹ 6000) devices which will get all updates just like the $400 Nexus lineup.

All in all Google is ready to one up the competition coming winter and the swords are sharp, it will be very exciting to see the heated battle in budget Android phones.