Android Oreo new feature: Files is your File Manager app!

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Google has finally — yes, finally, finally, finally! — given Android OS its own default file manager, that’s accessible as an app, in and with Android O. Yep, we say that thing about accessibility because earlier it was stubbed inside Settings in Android 7.0 Nougat, but now it’s available as app.

Though, it’s still far from what you’d expect it to be. It’s actually your downloads app converted into Files app, but wait, DO NOT let that ruin your day.

Because, Google has something very cool up its sleeves — after all, there has to be an incredible reason behind calling your erstwhile Downloads app, Files app. No? Well, here’s what you are in for.

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An app can now run in multiple instances, and Google has bestowed this in their Files app. See the screenshot below of the recents screen, and notice the Files app’s instances. We opened it for good number of times, but found that the system keeps only 8 instances of the app.

What say?

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