Android Nougat release date confirmed for August with security patched dated 8/5

The above screenshot comes from the software update page of Canadian carrier Telus, which tells us basically what we’ve been seeking for the past few months, and more so ever since the Android N developer Preview came out last month: the Android 7.0 Nougat release date, set for August 22 roll-out for Nexus devices. That’s the date we have marked down on our calendar, and have readied up our Nexus devices for the 7.0 update too, and if all goes well, August 22 will be taken as base date to measure the time — read: delay — the flagships like HTC 10, Galaxy S7, Note 7, and even a mid-ranger like Moto G4 take updating to Android Nougat.


Well-known Twitter account @EVleaks is reporting that Android Nougat is set for release in next month, August 2016. Report also confirms that there will be no official Android 7.0 update for the Nexus 5, even though some were hopeful about it because of the device’s solid popularity. If you own one, do know that there will be definitely more than some good ROMs available, that will bring the Nougat to Nexus 5 unofficially.

The Nougat update will release with a security patch dated August 5, and is expected to land on Nexus devices of last two years first: Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 9 and Nexus 6.

Recently, a 7.0 build for Nexus 6P leaked out for a Reddit user, sized mere 49.5 MB, and marked as ‘For Internal Purpose’ only. It’s safe to say that Nougat final release is ready with Google, and if not, it could be going through some final changes.

That’s not all, if you need further evidence that Nougat upgrade is ready with Google and OEMs internally, then also spare a thought to another 7.0 leak, which belonged to Huawei P9. Which is why we think there is a chance that Note 7 could release with Nougat too.

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