Android Nougat Night Mode: Enable it yourself on Nexus 6P, 5X and other devices

Google played with the idea of Night mode in the Developer Preview versions of Android Nougat, but finally resisted to keep it away in final release that came as build NRD90M. So, if you upgraded to Nougat in the last few days since its release, and looked for the Night mode, then you might have felt a little bit down upon finding that it’s not part of the Nougat package.

But if you are anything like us, you would be glad to know that it exists in Nougat update, and although it lies hidden, the good thing is that you can enable it manually to be able to use it. Here’s how.

Actually, there’s an app for that. You know, just download the app called Night Mode Enabler from the play store.

Now, make sure you have enabled System UI Tuner on your device running Android 7.0. Otherwise, app will ask you to do that first of all. This is required because Night mode is part of System UI Tuner package.

To enable System UI Tuner, bring down the notification shade twice so that you can see all the quick settings toggles, and on the top right, you will see Settings icon (the gear icon). Tap and hold the Setting icon for 4-5 seconds until it vibrates a little. Once it does, System UI Tuner will be enabled. Go to Settings now, and you will find it right above the ‘About phone’ screen.

You can play with System UI Tuner if you wish to, but if you are totally focused right now on enabling Night mode, then quickly jump to our app installed above.

You will see the only option ‘ENABLE NIGHT MODE’. Tap on it, and that’s it. You will reach the Night mod menu. Adjust the settings as per your need. Have fun!

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