[Solved] Fix for Android Nougat battery drain and other issues

Update [September 26, 2016]: There is some good news for the Nexus 5X users who are having WiFi disconnect (drop) issue, as Google has fixed it. Yes! The said fix will be rolled out as part of the next update that comes your way! Read more here at our Nexus 5X WiFi fix confirmed thread.

Moreover, we found a new solution for the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi issues on Nougat update, so watch those section carefully below to look for the new method to solve the problem.

Are you experiencing odd behavior with your Nexus device after installing the Android Nougat update? The issues could be anything like your Nexus restarting repeatedly after some time, or apps giving a force close, or services crashing.

Well, there’s got to be something wrong with the installation, which is causing all the problems and issues you are facing on Android Nougat right now.

What you could do to now is to install the Nougat update in a correct manner to fix all the issues, but that would mean starting off from scratch, and would include deleting everything from the device too as we would be doing a factory reset (data wipe) before installing the Nougat update again. So, give quick fix below a try before attempting 100% working fix.

These solutions should work on all Nexus devices (and other Android devices too), including Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, Pixel C and General Mobile 4G Android One device.

Android Nougat Issues List

→ BTW, we have created a separate page for Nougat Bluetooth issues, check it out!

1. Android System Battery drain

If you are seeing Bluetooth eating up the battery of your device, then try the possible solutions for Nougat Bluetooth issues here. However, if the Android System is the battery life culprit for you, then try the fix given here for Nougat battery drain problem.

If the solutions linked above don’t work, you may try installing a custom kernel like Elemental X. For this, you will need to unlock bootloader (voids warranty), install TWRP recovery and then use it to install the kernel. But first try the solutions given in the pages linked right above, and also the quick fix given below, which involves performing a factory reset. Be sure to backup important data and files.

2. Double icons in Status bar

It’s a bug that appeared on Developer Preview builds of Nougat too. The good thing is, it’s so easy to fix. Just give your device a reboot to fix this. Double clock, double alarm icons, double battery icons, double notifications, etc. are all examples of this problem.

A simple reboot should fix this, and if not, try doing a wipe cache (not wipe data) from recovery mode.

3. Wi-Fi disconnecting automatically repeatedly

Installing the Nougat update seems the only option, though do try the quick fix below before opting for the 100% fix below which involves installing Nougat again: You will need to install Nougat firmware, but because it’s not available right now, install Marshmallow firmware to downgrade, and the use Nougat OTA to upgrade in a rightful way.

Update: This has been fixed by Google itself for Nexus 5X users, and the fix will arrive as part of next update to 5X users. Kudos!

BTW, here’s a good fix to solve Nougat WiFi issues.

4. Services apps crashing: Google Play Services has stopped

Do this to fix Google Services app crashing. Go to Settings > Apps, tap on 3-dot menu button > Show system, and now look for Google Play Services, and provide it permissions. This is applicable for other apps crashing on Nougat for you.

Otherwise, a restart of the device should fix this.

If not, then this surely something very puzzling. Something went wrong with installation. See the solution for Wi-Fi problem above.

5. Battery percentage disappears

Well, when you System UI Tuner enabled, visiting it makes that happen. So, try not to use System UI Tuner too often, or be prepared to adjust settings to show battery percentage again.

6. Random restarts repeatedly (and bootloop)

It seems like a minor issue, and we think a simple restart of the device could fix this. If not try Quick Fix below before going for the 100% fix below that.

7. App force closes

Well, this could be down to permissions. Give the app that is force closing a visit under Settings > Apps. Look for the app there, and tap on it get to its ‘App info’ screen. Now, tap on Permissions, and provide those which it might need. Simply enable the permission by using its toggle button at the right.

8. Android Auto crashes and Bluetooth connection disconnects from Car

Well, this was reportedly fixed after it appeared in Developer Previews earlier, but if you still suffer from this issue, downgrading back to Marshmallow if the only option is this feature is more important to you than Nougat.

Well, do give a look at our Nougat Bluetooth issues dedicated page first, and try the solutions given there before trying the ones given below. There is a new solution available on that page

9. Video recording and playback issues

Several users are reporting problem with video recording, wherein video will get distorted, and completely useless. Also, switching to slow-mo would result in camera app force closing.

Moreover, video playback is also a rare issue for some users, who say YouTube playback will stop, GIF’s won’t load, saved videos get broken and Snapchat videos cannot be recorded either.

Looks like going back to Marshmallow is the only way out.

10. Notification causing vibration during call

If you are annoyed by the vibration during call for each notification from WhatsApp, Messenger, Gmail, hangouts, etc., then you will be glad to know that this issue has been duly recognized by Google software team, and that it will be fixed in future release. Sadly, no fix is available right now, but maybe it will be part of the Android 7.1.

11. Mount system partition and have write access

Making system partition writable isn’t that easy on Android Nougat, so you have to use a specific command using the root access on the terminal app to achieve that. Here’s how to get write access on system partition on Android N.

12. Camera issue: New blank folders created in DCIM folder

We’re yet to find a solution for this. Not much info is available actually.

Update (September 22, 2016): Okay, the problem was already recognized by Google, and now it’s been solved out too. Their software team says that the issue if fixed, and will be part of the next update, installing which should fix it on your Nougat device too.

13. ‘Allow OEM Unlocking’ grayed out in Developer options.

That’s not an issue. You see it grayed out because you already have the bootloader unlocked. If you re-lock the bootloader, you will see it’s no longer grayed out. Upon re-locking, it will grayed out again. It’s just acting with some sense, you know!

14. Missing Notification Actions when you expand it

Some apps may have stopped showing you action buttons when you expand the notifications. Well, to fix this, wait for the app’s developer to update the app and make it fully compatible with Android 7.0 Nougat. This issue is developer-side.

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1. Quick Fix for Android Nougat issues

You can trying doing a factory reset from recovery mode. That could potentially fix things. But if it doesn’t installing the Android 7.0 update all again using factory images is your gateway to normality.

→ Be sure to back up files and important data from your device to PC or online service, as this will delete everything on device.

To perform factory reset, do this.

Power off your Nexus device until screen goes off. Now, press Volume up and Power button together, until you see anything on screen. You will soon see a ‘no command’ screen, showing green Android with an exclamation mark.

Now, press Volume Up button while holding the power button, to enter 3e recovery.

There you have the factory reset option. Go to that option using volume buttons, and then press power button to select it. Confirm this on next screen, and that’s it, your device will be wiped and you will be back to 3e recovery’s main screen.

Select ‘reboot system now’ to restart the device. When done, see if they problems still persist. If they do, install the Nougat update again.

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2. Working 100% Fix for Nougat issues: Install the update using factory images

You need to download the factory image (firmware) for your device first, from here (provided by Google). You can download Nougat firmware, and if that is not available, the Marshmallow firmware to get your device back to working state. If you opt for Marshmallow, you can simply install the Nougat OTA update to upgrade to Android Nougat with everything working, without any issues.

To install a factory image (firmware), well, look for guide on YouTube as there are plenty of good guides available, that detail out the process in a very good way, eve for a first timer.

And if you need help, just ask us using the comments section below. You can also share the video URL with us that you are taking help of, and ask us at which step (or timeline in video) are you facing trouble. We will be quick with working solution, promise!

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That said, if you want use to suggest a video tutorial on installing factory images, then try this one from YouTuber Jamie Wagner.

As said above, feel free to ask for help using comments section below.

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  • Ted

    I have a Nexus 5X running Android 7. Speaking a search does not work well. Speech to text stops working and that is true with any app I try speaking text. Also, search text field is blank after speaking query.

  • Armin

    Hi, I installed the latest stable/release version of Android Nougat by enrolling to Android Beta Program and since then I am experiencing a lot of issues on my Nexus 6P (No Service, etc.). I did a factory reset and then even more bugs occurred and more apps are crashing constantly, my question is will I still be able to get OTA updates even if I manually flash factory image of Android Nougat? Since this is the only solution that I think it would work.


    • Krishna

      When you flash factory image, your device is gets all set for the OTA update. So, flash the latest 6.0.1 factory image, and then look for the OTA — you should get 7.0 working alright!

      • Armin

        I was thinking about flashing 7.0 right away so I can have clean wipe and avoid possible bugs during update. Do you suggest that is better to downgrade to Marshmallow and then upgrade through OTA.

        Thanks for quick reply 🙂

  • MikeB

    Is anyone else having trouble with Messenger since the update. When I receive a text, I get lag in typing a reply. Also, in group text, I don’t get a message from a certain person. I can receive a text directly from that person, but when in group text, I get a message saying “couldn’t download” and “tap to download”

    • Krishna

      Well, I for one, am not experiencing any issues with the messenger app. You can do this little trick to try solving it.
      First backup all messages using a backup app like this – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.softrelay.calllogsmsbackup

      Then, go to Settings > Apps > tap on 3-dot button in top right, and select the Messenger app. Tap on Storage, and tap on CLEAR DATA button. This will delete everything on Messenger app.

      Now, reboot the device. Restore the messages back from the backup app. And now open up your messenger app to see if the bug is gone!

      • MikeB

        I can’t even clear the data. It keeps returning

  • For bullets 6 and 8, My Nexus 9 initially ran great on Android 7 for a couple of days then it started crashing and going unresponsive with and without video issues as if the video memory was being randomly overwritten. I deduced, and I feel this is important, this does not happen when fully charged, rather as the battery leaves the fully charged state, perhaps 10% or so used it will freak, either random auto video updates coupled with unresponsiveness.. This is a huge bug and I have yet to see any direct reference to it having been fixed. It should be noted battery life and behavior was an area that was worked on in Android 7 so I doubt it is a function of a bad install.

  • Andy Steiker

    My 6P was running fine, but since 7.0 was installed it is buggier than can be. It constantly reboots or shuts off randomly throughout the day for no reason. I contacted Google, and they said it was a bad phone so they sent me a new (actually refurbished) one. As soon as I did the upgrades it asked me to do, the same thing happened. I called Google again and they said they know it is a problem so I was told this time they will send me an upgraded one that has been tested. Today I checked on that and I was told that the one they sent me was not upgraded and I will have to do it myself. But when I do that, I anticipate the same issues again, and they acknowledged that I may or may not have those issues again. They said that if I want one that works on Nougat, I will have to get a new Pixel. But why should I have to spend that kind of money when my phone was working just fine on 6.0 or 6.1 or whatever it was?