Android M to Let Users to Block Certain App Permissions on Installation


A new report from Bloomberg claims that Google is about to bring the feature that the Android users were eagerly waiting to experience for years together. It is none other than the ability to select specific permissions to grant for an application on installing the same.

It is supposed to be one of the features that will come with the Android M build. The Android M is all set to be launched at the Google I/O later this month.

These days, privacy has become a growing distress among the Android users. For this reason, some users hesitate to install certain apps that have a big list of permission requests.


If this new feature of the Android M that is allegedly claimed to block the permissions comes true, users can block specific permissions that they do not want the app to access. For instance, one can block permissions to access contacts, photos, location and so on.

Usually, many applications require most of these permissions in order to function properly. Giving users the ability to block some of the permissions will definitely be a welcome addition. As of now, it is not clear about which permissions will be enabled for blocking, but it is believed to be similar to how iOS handles the app permissions letting users to grant them to access the gallery or camera.

Source: Bloomberg