7 Android Apps that make losing weight a fun thing!

Summer season is about the depart and you’re still not making good on your promise to have a beach body, but what is that can you do? Thanks to all of the processed food that we gobble down every day, it should come as no surprise when the notches on your belt seem to shorten down every few months. For those who have been trying to lose those extra pounds, or even maintain their ideal body weight, fighting the urge to not binge eat on the junk food and keep a steady exercise plan going can be next to impossible sometimes.

Apart from all kinds of whacky diet plans, muscling bending exercises, and motivational shows out there, you can even put your smartphone to good use to help you lose weight. But the whole “seriousness” of using a weight loss app makes it unappealing, which is why you need to trick your brain into burning those calories and supplementing those scrumptious French fries with something far more nutritious. Here’s our list of some of the best weight loss apps that not work, but actually make the entire ordeal a fun journey.

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1. DietBet – Weight Loss Games


Have you always wanted to set up a weight loss goal but could never follow through? Now you can put your money where your mouth is and set up DietBet to not only get the extra motivation you need to lose weight but make money while doing so. Start off by choosing the Kickstarter (losing 4% of body weight in 4 weeks) or the Transformer (losing 10% of body weight in 6 months) game type and join a group of likeminded weight watchers. Since you verify your weight through photos with referees monitoring your transformation, there’s no room for cheating either!

2. Zombies, Run!

If the idea of working on your stamina and getting fit isn’t tempting enough to get you off the couch and start running, the advent of a zombie apocalypse should surely get those feet moving. Just tie up your shoes, plug in your headphones and begin one of the 200+ missions that this fitness game has to offer, from the heart-pumping action of running from the zombie hoard you can hear behind you, to delivering life-saving supplies without giving away your scent to the flesh-eating monsters. With Zombies, Run! Each and every fitness run, walk or jog you take is a new mission for survival, and you can even mix your own soundtrack with the game’s radio messages and voice recordings.

3. Lose It! – Calorie Counter

There’s only so much you can add to your exercise regimen to lose weight if you aren’t really looking into the foods that you’re eating. Lose It! is the kind of food journal that becomes your conscience every time you think of going ahead with that extra slice of pizza, by helping you break down your weight loss program based on your goal to reach a certain weight group and how quickly you want to get there. Apart from tracking and adding each and every item by entering manually/scanning/photographing food items, the app automatically generates an algorithm-based weight loss chart, giving you an estimate of how much you’ve lost based on your eating plan.

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4. StrongLifts 5×5 Workout Gym Log & Personal Trainer


It has been well-documented that muscle building exercises are a key to getting those extra layers of fat out for a leaner body shape. Unless you’re paying for a premium membership at your gym, the only chance you have of building a Herculean body is the StrongLifts 5×5 app to get your blood pumping. The app is designed to automatically record your weights, the number of sets and reps as well, giving you an exact idea of which exercises you’re proficient at. From automatically adding more weights through microload settings to creating graphs to show your progress throughout the period, StrongLifts 5×5 does it all.

5. Habitica: Gamify Your Tasks


Are you among those who would spend hours being organized and managing an inventory in a game, but be a total mess in real life? Well, Habitica hopes to join your love for RPG (role-playing games) and bringing them to real life to make accomplishing even the simplest goals a rewarding task. Start off by creating your custom avatar and then set up your daily tasks such as going to the gym, having a salad for lunch, taking the dog out for a long walk and so on. Checking off each of these tasks brings the in-game avatar special features such as skills, armor, and even new quests. It doesn’t always have to be boring either, you can reward yourself even for tasks such as watching a movie and receive custom rewards.

6. Runtasty – Easy Healthy Recipes & Cooking Videos


There’s absolutely no shortage of home cooking and recipe apps on Android, but most of them are just an accident waiting to happen for those of us who are trying to lose weight. This is why the fitness experts at Runtastic have treated the Runtasty app that sieves out the unhealthy junk and replaces it with nutritious, yet delicious recipes of all kinds. From helping you with the fundamentals of cooking such as poaching an egg, to giving you complete video instructions on how to create a healthy meal from scratch, Runtasty also offers specialized filters such as 15-minute recipes, post-workout meals, less than 200-calorie meals and more.

7. Fit Radio Workout Music & Coach


So you’re on the run as usual or trying to get your heart rate up on the treadmill and suddenly a low-energy slow song comes up, killing your entire tempo. For all those times when the music just isn’t enough to motivate you, Fit Radio comes in to save the day, offering energetic playlists each day. You get to choose from different workout program based on Outdoor Run, Treadmill, Bike and more, and Fit Radio creates a personalized playlist that not only matches your BPM all the way up to 180, but also mixes out the genre to keep those interesting and fresh tunes flowing.

Which of these weight loss apps are you going to try out to trick yourself into getting fit while enjoying the entire ordeal? Be sure to let us know down below in the comments section.

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