Android 8.0 may finally bring support for custom themes

The second Android O Developer Preview is out and one interesting thing comes to the forefront. Google may bring support for custom themes to Android 8.0. Google has been shying from implementing the theme support present in certain OEM and custom ROMs. But not anymore.

We have found out that the ‘Display’ settings page in second Android O Developer Preview shows a new option called ‘Device theme’ which we haven’t seen there before. This ‘Device Theme’ again shows two options — ‘Pixel’ and ‘android.auto_generated_rro_’.


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In comparison, in the first Android O Developer Preview the two options were ‘Pixel’ and ‘Inverted’ with ‘Pixel’ set as the default. The case is exactly the opposite in the second Preview where ‘Pixel’ isn’t the default one. Thus, the OS chooses the other option which is ‘android.auto_generated_rro_’. This name does ring a bell as it looks and sounds similar to Sony’s Runtime Resource Overlay (RRO) theming framework.

This points towards the possibility of Google attempting to bring RRO theming finally to Android 8.0 which already is quite popular and preferred by some popular Android ROMs. But as nothing has been made official about custom theme support in Android 8.0 yet, it would be better to keep our expectations low as it might turn out that Google was just testing this feature in the developer review and has no plans to release it to the masses.

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But if indeed Google is planning to bring custom theme support to Android 8.0, users will get to enjoy a plethora of themes as the market is saturated with available multiple RRO-compatible themes.

Via: Phone Arena

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