Android 7.1.1 Bluetooth disconnect bug fixed by Google, to be part of next update

The Android team have updated their Issue Tracker page for the Bluetooth disconnection issue that was affecting Nexus 6P (and possibly Nexus 5X users) on Android 7.1.1 Nougat, to confirm that they have successfully identified and fixed the issue.

Moreover, the team has confirmed that they plan to release the Bluetooth connection fix as part of next update for the device(s). Check out the confirmation on the Issue Tracker page here.

As it’s November 4, we’re expecting another round of monthly updates for Nexus devices to come live soon, maybe on November 6.

But it’s hard to say whether this November update will pack the fix too. If not, then the December update should definitely include the Bluetooth fix for the Nexus 6P (and Nexus 5X and other device on Android 7.1.1).

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  • vamporace

    I’ve a Nexus 5X and nearly once a day, I’m victim of a disconnection of the bluetooth with the car.
    So -> THANK YOU Google Engineers!
    And I hope the robotic-voice-transformation issue was part of this too 🙂

  • Carey Castillo

    my Nexus 5x is still having the problem with the Bluetooth disconnection with my car. I just got the 7.1.1 update today 12-21-16

  • David Wright

    Pixel XL on 7.1.1 is still having the issue. Most times a reboot will fix it for a while, but not always. Right now cannot get BT to stay more for more than a second or two…

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