Download Android 7.0 Nougat CM13 theme (Xperia theme adds N styled navigation bar!)

Update (July 1, 2016): a There is a new theme available for the Xperia devices, one that gets you two things: allegedly Nougat-rumored Navigation bar, and a wallpaper from Android N developer preview. See the link at the download section to get this.

Original article → Whether you really like the Android 7.0’s name Nougat (noo-gah! without the !) or not, we’re sure you will definitely want to try a theme that could make your device look a little bit more like Nougat, on CM13, a Android 6.0 Marshmallow based ROM.

There’s a theme available already — Nougat is yet to release! — that takes clues from the Developer Preview of Nougat and tries to get your Marshmallow device Nougat looks as much as possible. You can thanks its creator Ashomitsu for this!

Given at the top, and right below, is a mix of screenshots from the CM13 Nougat theme. have a peek at them.

cm13-Android-7.0-theme CM13-7.0-OS

To be honest, the CM13 Nougat theme isn’t a very compelling downloading right now, but who knows, with your download and support — do cheer up developers of freebies whenever you can — this could turn out to be a very essential download for Android enthusiasts in near future.

To install, know that you need a CM13 custom ROM installed on your device, or any other ROM which supports CM13 theme engine. There are some devices that come with Cyanogen OS pre-loaded, and for such devices, there is no need to hunt for CM13 ROM. Installing CM13 isn’t a straightforward thing as it needs lots of preparation: TWRP recovery and/or root and/or bootloader unlock, etc.


Once again, in order to install the theme, you will need a ROM that supports CM13 theme engine. To install such ROMs, you need to install TWRP recovery. use google on guide to install TWRP recovery, and then install CM13 ROM, and then you can use this theme.

To install TWRP, you may have to unlock bootloader of your device, and even if not, you will most probably root your device’s warranty. But it’s worth it, that we can tell you, but you have to decide.

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